Heroes Season 4

"Brave New World"

HRG's life hangs in the balance this week. It's the season four finale of Heroes.

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"The Wall"

Lauren sets her sights on Samuel this week. We've got a detailed recap of events.

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"The Art of Deception"

Sylar pays Matt a visit this week. The episode is titled "The Art of Deception."

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Sylar visits Claire on this episode. Also, Hiro's past decisions are brought up again.

"Close to You"

This episode of Heroes is titled "Close to You." It airs at 9 p.m., a new timeslot for the show.

"Upon This Rock; Let It Bleed"

This is a two-hour episode of Heroes. In it, friends and family pay respects to Nathan.

"The Fifth Stage"

HRG receives unexpected visitors this week, as Samuel's plan comes to fruition. The episode is titled "The Fifth Stage."


This week's episode is titled "Thanksgiving." We've got a complete recap of events from it.

"Brother's Keeper"

The latest episode of Heroes is titled "Brother's Keeper." Find out what happens in it now.


On this week's edition of Heroes, Claire is in trouble and Matt vows to destroy Sylar once and for all.

"Once Upon A Time In Texas"

Hiro takes a trip into the past this week. The episode is titled "Once Upon A Time In Texas."

"Strange Attractors"

Sylar continues to cause problems this week for Parkman. The name of the episode is "Strange Attractors."

"Tabula Rasa"

This is the sixth episode of Heroes' fourth season. We've got a full recap of events.

"Hysterical Blindness"

There are new additions to Samuel's family on this episode of Heroes. It's titled "Hysterical Blindness."


Following the two hour premiere of Heroes season four, this is considered the volume's fourth episode. It's titled "Acceptance."


This is the second episode of Heroes' fourth season. Read on for a full, detailed recap.


Welcome to season four of Heroes. A new carnival of ability-laden people are introduced in this episode.

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Heroes Season 4 Quotes

Angela: Nathan says you're avoiding his phone calls.
HRG: By Nathan, you mean Sylar, right?

Hi. I'm here to save you.