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There were three main storylines this week and we recap each below:

1. Parkman tried to drink away Sylar. With thoughts of the evil one still taking over his head, Parkman had to do something. He sent Janice away in an attempt to keep her safe, grabbed and beer and realized that it had an effect on his visions of Sylar. Parkman proceeded to drink himself silly and thought he had defeated Sylar.

However - upon Janice and Parkman's sponsor arriving home - it turns out that Sylar slipped inside Parkman whule the latter was passed out and now controls Parkman's body. Honestly, this storyline strains any semblance of logic.

2. Claire, Gretchen and a few sorrority girls were hazed. But the mission took a dangerous turn when it appeared as though Gretchen's life was actually in danger. As soon as Claire and her found the final prize at the end, Claire had to save her friend's life when a stray, giant hook (they were insie a warehouse) came flying her way. Claire got stabbed for her troubles and pinned against a wall, but she managed to swipe at an invisible Becky and force her to be seen.

However, two of Claire's classmates witnessed pretty much everything and we're left to wonder what will happen now that they know about Claire's abilities.

3. HRG summoned Tracy to help Jeremy, as the police wouldn't let him out of jail without a relative. Tracy posed as his aunt. However, as soon as HRG, Jeremy and Tracy got outside, an angry resident approached Jeremy and accused him of killing his parents. Unable to contro himself, Jeremy was taken into custody again. Later, a rogue policeman actually dragged him by a truck to his death because he didn't want anyone of Jeremy's "kind" around.

Upon seeing what happened to Jeremy, a distraught Tracy asked HRG to never call her again. She looked at the compass in her hand, the same one that Samuel had given her when he magically appeared in town and showed Tracy what life could be like at the carnival earlier in the episode.

The hour concluded with Samuel showing up again and using his power to bury the police station underground.

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