The Battle On Heaven - His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode 7
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Rolling storm clouds approach Asriel's fortress and camp.

Asriel orders his soldiers to take the capacitors to the abyss.

Ogunwe hugs his daughters before they head into the bunker.

Soldiers lower capacitors into the abyss.

The witches arrive.

Xaphania tells Asriel everything now depends on Lyra -- if she survives the fall, all worlds will be liberated. If Metatron can control the children, the multiverse will be his.

Asriel remarks on the situation -- how he's devoted his life to science, but now everything hinges on a prophecy.

He realizes they don't need to defeat Metatron -- they just need to keep him away from Lyra long enough for her and Will to be reunited with their daemons.

Xaphania says she will alert them when the knife-bearer cuts through to this world. Ogunwe informs them that all the civilians are in a bunker, and human forces are stationed around the perimeter.

Serafina tells them Kaisa is searching for Will and Lyra's daemons, and she will go to them when he finds them and bring them back here.

Mrs. Coulter is dubious that they will be safe, but Asriel insists the fortress is strong enough to withstand Metatron's attacks.

Will and Lyra, still in the land of the dead, consider going through to the world Will has opened for the ghosts. Will suggests that he go to Asriel's world, find their daemons, and he will meet her in the bright world.

Lyra tells him they are in it together, and she will accompany him.

Asriel explains to Mrs. Coulter that he has placed capacitors in the abyss to harness the dust flow. When detonated, the energy surge may be powerful enough to destabilize the entire mountain.

Asriel plans to make sure Metatron goes into that abyss. Mrs. Coulter asks him how he intends to do that. He explains that flesh is stronger than spirit -- the angels envy humans for that.

Asriel says he always thought he was destined to change the world, but now that has fallen on his daughter. He expresses regret for how he treated Lyra but plans to make up for it by buying her time.

Mrs. Coulter is surprised he would do that for her. Asriel asks her to detonate the device should he get Metatron to the abyss. She reminds him that it's not just death but oblivion. Asriel understands.

Mrs. Coulter meets with Xaphania. Xaphania tells her to ask anything. Mrs. Coulter expresses worry, saying that despite Asriel's planning, they have no sense of their enemy. Mrs. Coulter pours herself a drink and sits with Xaphania.

Mrs. Coulter asks how it will end. Xaphania says Mrs. Coulter has already made up her mind, and her love for Lyra is both her salvation and downfall.

Xaphania remarks how Mrs. Coulter has the power to suppress parts of herself, and she should use it when the time comes.

With the witches in the sky and the soldiers on the ground, Asriel addresses his army.

Asriel tells them some may die, and it's alright to be afraid of death -- Paradise and Hell are lies meant to control them, which has prevented them from living fully.

Thanks to Lyra, once they destroy the enemy, death will no longer be something to be feared -- they will experience paradise on earth.

The clouds roll over the fortress, and the Kingdom of Heaven appears in the sky. Asriel and Serafina prepare themselves.

Asriel gets into the intention craft and flies out towards the great castle in the clouds, which is guarded by a wall of angels.

Serafina and her witches take position next to Asriel.

Will cuts a window, and Lyra steps through it.

Xaphania feels Will and Lyra enter the world, and informs Asriel.

Asriel and the witches attack the angels, and the battle begins. Asriel communicates to Ogunwe where he should go to find Lyra and Will.

Lyra and Will step into the world and see the battle in the sky from a distance. Will worries that finding their daemons in the chaos will be hard.

Lyra assures him that his daemon and Pan will be together, and at least they are now in the same world.

Mrs. Coulter sits in the fortress with Xaphania, feeling the explosions from outside. The lights flicker.

Xaphania tells Mrs. Coulter she is needed -- Metatron is releasing the daemon-eaters (specters).

Specters fly down from the sky and attack the soldiers.

Mrs. Coulter and her golden monkey look out over the camp. She harnesses her powers, drawing the specters to her, and uses all her strength to destroy them in one blast.

Will and Lyra hear strange, ominous noises around them.

Kaisa communicates with Serafina that he has found Pan.

Asriel continues to battle the angels.

Ogunwe and his soldiers find Will and Lyra. He introduces himself and tells them he is there to protect them. He says he will take them to Asriel's camp. Will offers to cut them through, but Ogunwe stops him.

Ogunwe tells them that every time Will cuts a window, the angels can sense it, and they'll know Will and Lyra are separated from their daemons and target them. He asks them to follow, but Will and Lyra are hesitant.

Ogunwe assures them they can trust him.

Serafina flies to Kaisa, who points her to Pan and Will's daemon, hiding in a little cave together. She explains that Lyra and Will have come back for them, but Pan is still upset they left them.

Serafina tells them to take bird forms, and they fly off together.

Lyra asks Ogunwe if Asriel sent him. They hear more shrieks, and Ogunwe has some soldiers move ahead while he tries to see what's happening.

Lyra tells Ogunwe he shouldn't trust Asriel. Ogunwe tells Lyra that Asriel is proud of her, but she's dubious.

Kaisa, Serafina, Pan, and Will's daemon fly, but an angel pursues them. Serafina chants a charm to protect them and knock out the angel behind them.

Ogunwe stops his troops, realizing there are cliff-ghasts all around them. He orders Will and Lyra to hide. The soldiers turn on their lights and draw their weapons.

Cliff-ghasts attack and the soldiers shoot at them. Ogunwe tells Will and Lyra to run to the tower -- he will hold off the cliff-ghasts.

Soldiers return to the fortress. They begin to hear Metatron's voice, telling them there is no Heaven for heretics and only the righteous will get salvation. Metatron orders them to strike down the non-believers.

Mrs. Coulter hears the voice of Metatron whispering and asks him to show himself to her. The Kingdom of Heaven appears before her, and she walks towards it.

Metatron tells her she intrigues him with her power over the specters, and he asks her to join him. Mrs. Coulter looks to her daemon, telling him he knows what to do.

Mrs. Coulter walks out of the fortress and towards the castle in the clouds, leaving her golden monkey behind.

Asriel continues to fight in the sky when he sees Mrs. Coulter walking toward the castle. He lowers the intention craft and flies in after her.

Asriel finds himself in an empty white room, calling for Stelmaria and Marisa.

Marisa Coulter finds herself in a different part of the castle, where all is white, and Metatron appears before her. She kneels, saying she wishes to serve him. He knows she is lying. She stands and asks him who he was before he gained power.

Metatron takes a human form and approaches her, saying he was once a man. Mrs. Coulter tells him she heard spirit envies flesh, and he asks why he would envy weakness.

Metatron asks why she called him when she knew he could destroy her. She says she was curious and wanted to meet him.

Asriel calls out to Metatron. A figure appears, reprimanding him for attacking the Heavens without confronting himself.

The figure approaches -- it is a second Asriel, with Metatron's voice, saying he resents his own daughter. Asriel admits that is probably true, but he is not afraid of Metatron. Metatron knows he is lying.

Metatron tells Mrs. Coulter he chose her. He offers to let her transcend her human form and become an angel.

Mrs. Coulter thinks of Lyra, and Metatron reads her mind, then notices how she can conceal her thoughts from him. He reads her emotions -- fear, regret, shame, and love. Mrs. Coulter admits that she loves Lyra.

Asriel calls out to Metatron, saying he is not even the Authority, and he is still hiding.

The "other Asriel" stands behind him, saying Asriel doesn't comprehend him. Asriel insists that he does -- Metatron is merely an angel, and before that was a man named Enoch.

Asriel attacks the "other Asriel," but the opponent cannot be physically harmed -- though he fights back and brutally beats Asriel. Asriel insists he is not afraid of death.

Lyra senses Pan and hurries along with Will.

Mrs. Coulter tells Metatron that Lyra makes her feel weak, and she doesn't want to feel like that. Metatron tells her to let that feeling go, but she can't.

Metatron tells Asriel that no one cares about him. Asriel says Marisa does and says he knows she's here.

Metatron tells Mrs. Coulter to free herself.

Asriel calls out to Mrs. Coulter.

Metatron tells Mrs. Coulter she's capable of betrayal. She hears Asriel faintly calling out to her.

Metatron tells Asriel that Marisa is currently giving him up. Asriel says he loves her, and she would never betray him.

Mrs. Coulter says she will give up Lyra and Asriel. Metatron says she doesn't need to, as he has already broken Asriel. She asks him to show her.

Mrs. Coulter and Metatron (in his human form) show up before Asriel. Mrs. Coulter approaches, saying she wants Asriel to see her face and to know what she's done. Asriel is confused, disbelieving.

Serafina, Pan, and Will's daemon arrive at the fortress. She tells them to hide and flies off, saying she'll find Will and Lyra.

Soldiers have turned on each other, rounding up "heretics."

Serafina finds Will and Lyra, who are watching the soldiers, and tells them to head to the tower, where their daemons are, and cut them through to a safe world, vowing to come to find them. Will and Lyra obey.

Will and Lyra find Pan and Will's daemon in the tower. Will and his daemon meet for the first time. Pan is angry at Lyra for leaving them.

Asriel cannot get up but backs away, closer to the edge, as Mrs. Coulter and Metatron approach him.

Lyra tells Pan they should be together. Will says he will cut a window.

Mrs. Coulter tells Asriel to look at his fate. Metatron grabs Asriel by the chest.

Will cuts a window.

Metatron lets go of Asriel, sensing the knife-bearer in the world, with Lyra.

Pan and Will's daemon jump through the window. The golden monkey appears and runs to the detonator. Will tells the daemons they will find them and closes the window.

The golden monkey sets off the detonator. Lyra runs to him and makes eye contact.

The capacitors activate, shooting up a beam of light into Metatron's castle, and it begins to crumble.

As the castle shakes around them, Asriel and Mrs. Coulter look at each other. Asriel asks, “For Lyra?” Mrs. Coulter smiles, helps him up, and together they grab Metatron, struggling to push him over the edge.

Stelmaria appears and leaps onto them, and all four fall over the edge into the abyss.

Lyra approaches the golden monkey.

The great crystal cube falls from the Kingdom of Heaven amidst the crumbling castle.

Stelmaria disintegrates.

Lyra reaches out to the golden monkey. As he reaches out to her, he disintegrates.

Serafina watches from the sky as the abyss closes up, and the clouded mountain that was the Kingdom of Heaven vanishes. The soldiers come out of their trance.

Will and Lyra look out at the sky. She remarks that the war is over, and Will says it looks like Asriel won. Will and Lyra head out into the camp.

The civilians are released from the fortress. Serafina and Ogunwe walk together.

Will and Lyra notice the big crystal cube. They try to look inside. It is opaque, but they can make out a figure inside. Will cuts open the cube with the knife.

Ogunwe sees his daughters and runs to them, embracing them.

The crystal cube splits apart. Will and Lyra catch a glimpse of an old, decrepit angel who cowers at the light of day and disintegrates into nothingness.

Lyra asks Will if they can leave now, as she wants to see Pan. Will cuts them open a window, and she steps through, and Will follows into a bright new world.

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His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

You see so much, and yet you share so little.

Mrs. Coulter

I have devoted my entire life to science and the pursuit of truth. I swore blind that prophecies are merely stories concocted to control the credulous, and yet, here I stand, unable to avoid the prophetic truth in front of me.

Lord Asriel