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Carrie receives a tip while Fara unearths a conspiracy and Saul decides to call in a favor. 

John helps Carrie even though she's unwilling to share with him. He tells her he knows about Farhad Ghazi, a local hood who the Pakistani police outsource to.

Aayan goes to see Kiran for the bag. She tells him her father found it and destroyed everything in it. Father returns home and tells Aayan he reported him to the university as a drug dealer. he will be expelled. Aayan yells that they will learn they are wrong about him.

Carrie asks Saul to stay to help find out why Sandy was killed by delaying his departure. She wants someone held accountable, but he reminds her accountability isn't in the job description.

Quinn called Saul concerned about Carrie. Carrie responds that Quinn is the one who wigged out. Saul suggests perhaps that was a more appropriate response.

Aayan shows up at the office. Carrie isn't there and Fara makes him comfortable.

John is having Carrie followed. He's irksome. Michael O'Keefe is doing a bang up job playing him.

Carrie wonders if Fahrad is the man who threatened Aayan. Aayan starts to cry. Fahrad is really bad news, but Aayan worries more about the rupies.

Carrie and Quinn are trying to figure out how to clone Farhad's phone.

Saul goes to see a general named Bunny. They argue over the realities of the war and 9/11 and Bunny says Al Qada has won. Now is not the time to make plans. Saul knows the guy owes him, so give it up.

Aayan is followed to the teaching hospital. Fara needs to hear it and goes in, a scarf as her disguise.

Quinn is trying to get Fahrad's phone while he's asleep. Before Quinn can leave, Fahrad's phone rings.

Dennis Boyd is married to Martha. He wants out of Pakistan immediately. He gets someone to lie about getting an old teaching job back. He must be the guy who was meeting with Sandy.

Quinn tells Carrie he just needs his last CIA psych eval and he's out. Carrie is even more grateful to that he's there.

They're still trying to figure out what Aayan is getting.

Carrie confronts John about her tail. She wants it stopped. He tells her about the tunnel out of the Embassy and how it leads out to a bazaar.

Saul is finishing his meal in the Muslim place and they clear out the restaurant, pat him down and confiscate his phone. A young man, Aasar Khan, wants to know who is speaking. Saul the private citizen, the ex CIA chief or Carrie Mathison. Saul tells him that an ISI agent on the ground did it. The guy finally gives up because he doesn't like the conversation and leaves.

Carrie says to consider the pot stirred. She thanks Quinn for coming when he was already out the door. It means a lot to her.

In the street, Fara decides to leave the car and follow Aayan. Max is concerned, but Fara discovers that Haissam Haqqani is alive and that's who Aayan is meeting.

Dennis is being forced to stay and beat up. The woman who is holding him assures him if he reaches out, an envelope will go to the FBI detailing all of the documents he stole. She promises freedom if he does what she asks. She gives him a key.

Fara delivers Aayan to Carrie at the safe house. She tries to assure him he's safe here. While getting him some sheets and a pillow, Carrie stops to take a long look in the mirror. Does she like what she sees?

Aayan tells her about being kicked out of the school and worries about whether or not it will affect his chances to get into school elsewhere.

Carrie seduces Aayan and I want to throw up.

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Homeland Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Carrie: Sandy was one of ours murdered by one of theirs. That's a huge fucking deal. Something's going on.
Saul: Something's always going on.
Carrie: No. Not like this.

Carrie: Saul, Sandy's death was no act of mob violence. It was premeditated.
Saul: What?
Carrie: The ISI killed him. Straight out.