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Carrie is tracking Qasim through the tunnel. She looks weepy. 

Qasim can't shoot Bibi, but surely Allah can help him find the words to talk him out of releasing the sarin gas. Allah showed Qasim the door to another world, apparently, as Bibi shot him multiple times in the chest. Bibi started to release the gas and as a train came hurtling toward them, Carrie shot, stopping them. 

All is quiet on the Western Front. Qasim dies in Carrie's arms. 

Inexplicably, Carrie tells Saul a lot of people would be dead if not for Qasim. She asks after Allison. Saul assures her Allison is in custody.

Carrie arrives home calling for Jonas. He's not there.

Saul goes to Ivan. At 52, it must be his life's work. So who's idea was it to come on to him? Allison is in the wind. If she's in the wind, Ivan is burned. She's the Russian agent he said all along. Saul knows that Ivan knows her well enough to know exactly what's going on. He's playing a bad hand. Saul offers the downhill skier a relocation to Jackson Hole. He eventually admits it was his plan for Allison to seduce Saul.

Allison is back at the big house where she was arrested, if I understand it. She's bossing people around.

Laura is arrested. Astrid wants contact information for Gabe Coud.

Carrie and Jonas are reunited.

Numan is arrested by the BND in a courtyard.

Carrie tells Jonas she (they) is safe and she's going to see Frannie. He asks about the mysterious blonde woman in the tunnel. Her? Her.She's wearing his shirt, and he tells her to take it. That's when she realizes he's saying goodbye. She wants another chance. He doesn't.

After they break up, Carrie immediately goes to the hospital. She always turns to Quinn when things have gone wrong with her love life. Well, Quinn had a brain hemorrhage. Quite severe. He's in surgery. She asks for a chapel. A woman is singing in there. Carrie looks down at her hand and injures it to stop the pain. 

The doctor visits her in the chapel. Even if Quinn does recover, the brain damage will be significant. When she sees him, she asks the appropriate question. Did we do this to him?

Four days later.

Astrid talks to Laura. She reveals what happened to the fellow who jumped out the window. She also says she has Numan and the hacked documents. Laura says "you people" a lot. Numan is an enemy of the state of Turkey. Laura has to either do exactly as she is told or Numan goes back where he came from as his Asylum status is up for review in Germany every six months.

Carrie comes by Quinn's room. Dar Adal is asleep at his beside. Carrie puts Vaseline onto Quinn's lips and lotion onto his hands. They're thinking of dropping Quinn's status to minimally conscious, odds of regaining cognitive function essentially zero. Dar says it's Quinn's worst nightmare. They found him when he was 16. Dar sponsored him for training four years later, youngest ever. He hands Carrie an envelope. She was Quinn's beneficiary if anything happened to him while he was in Syria. She starts to read the letter and just up to the part where he says he doesn't believe in fate or destiny, Saul walks in.

Saul asks Carrie if she's thought at all about what they talked about the other day. She's not that person anymore. 

Allison is getting transported to the border and then to Russia. First stop, a trunk.

Laura gets onto the same show on which she made her claim about the BND and lies about Marwan. Nothing she did really paid off.

Thou dost protest too much, Carrie. The more she says she can't go back to the CIA, the more I know she's going back to the CIA. 

Otto proposes to Carrie. He wants a partner to share his life with, his world. Or something.

Numan calls Laura. She can't talk to him ever again as a condition of the deal she made.

Allison's car is on it's way wherever and is detoured. On the detour, the car is jacked up and then shot up. Saul walks up to the car and opens the trunk. Allison is dead inside.

Quinn's letter is read as Carrie goes into his room to kill him. She gets a "sign" from him that she's doing the right thing. Whatever.




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