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The only reason Quinn is alive? The atropene. He's in respiratory failure due to acute apoxia. They have to know how bad his brain damage is before they even attempt to wake him up. Carrie and Saul say let's get those tests started then!

A terrorist is arming the tunnel. Uh oh.

Allison and her security guard are getting into her car. "Meter maid from hell," she says, when we all know it's not a ticket, but a note from her contact. Miranda Otto really goes over the top playing the put out and annoyed woman. It's ridiculously transparent.

She goes to the bathroom and plays an audio file that was left for her. We, f course, don't get to hear the interesting stuff, only her pain in the ass whining.

She flushes the thing down the toilet. Good thing it's a strong toilet. A woman wonders if she knows what she's supposed to do. Allison says she's out of her mind and won't do what she asks. A professor is definitely part of the plot. Huh. They did nothing, said nothing to stop it. How do they propose she get to him without drawing attention to herself? That's no longer her concern. This is her last assignment.

The look on her face is priceless. She's damaged goods. She will never be fully trusted again, not by either side. The Kremlin wants the attack to go forward. Everyone understands this except the US president. Allison won't do it. Then she'll give up all of her millions and her spot on the Black Sea, all for a place in a prison cell at Langley or worse.

Back at the meeting, Allison practically gives away her position by staring at the Russian leader, trying to burn a hole into his head with her righteous indignation.

At the hospital, they're waking up Quinn. Carrie is asking him to follow her voice to the service, she's there waiting for him. When it doesn't go fast enough, the doctor shakes his ass. That was pretty terrible. It's like torture. They even give him epinephrine. He's scared shitless. Carrie cries over him. He spits up black goo and goes into respiratory arrest. 

The terrorists are pissed. The trigger might be broken. How they would know that without actually trying it is unknown. Qasim has to take it to the dude to be fixed because he's not on the watch list. No, dude trusts that Qasim loves his mother. Off to Dr. Aziz Qasim goes.

Quinn is stable again. They got lucky. Quinn's prognosis hasn't gotten any better. Carrie wants to go find the good Samaritan who fixed Quinn's bullet wound. Saul gives her the OK. Otto calls Saul with his complains about his client who was arrested. Saul gave his word. It's time to make good on it.

Laura is pissed because Otto is giving her his version of a gag order. She calls Numan. Was he able to get the documents? If anything happens to her, such as arrested or whatever, she wants them to be released. She's an asshole. She doesn't want him to vet them, just to post them.

Allison is whining again.

Carrie is going to talk to someone. El Amin. She means him no harm. She's not the police. His people run with their bags. She assures him she's alone and nobody knows she's there. She just wants information on what's about to go down. If he knew who was doing it, he would tell them they're idiots. She asks him about the medical training. Why, he wonders, should he help her. She gives him the quivering bottom lip. Because he lost a son, because more men might lose sons if he doesn't.

Astrid asks Saul about Quinn. He admits the damage is extensive, and it's not looking good. Otto's client is being interrogated in his underwear, wearing biometrics wires. It's looking pretty ominous for him, too. 

Laura Sutton is on TV talking about the guy being held, if she can't talk to him, she'll release the rest of the documents. Well, he just killed himself, so there's that.

The trigger cannot be fixed. Bibi will have to activate it manually. Oh joy.

Allison is at the Professor's house. She has to chat with him. Which way will she sway him?

She kills her bodyguard. Then she kills the professor. What a cold bitch. Then she calls Allison and shoots herself. I guess they don't have ballistic teams over in Berlin. No trajectory paths will be determined, gun residue, that sort of thing. She's just too special for that to occur. Ludicrous.

Carrie is chatting with the doctor. He says the world is totally going made. Ya don't say. Allison says it's the airport. Of course, everyone believes the fucking traitor. Carrie calls with the real destination and is told she's on the wrong track. I just can't. I'm officially done watching Homeland. Thank you and goodbye Season 6.

Only Carrie is left to save the world. Literally. She sees a photo on Qasim's wall and heads to the train station. 

Saul visits Allison in the hospital. He's not willing to let her story stand. The terrorists are at the train station. Too little too late assholes. Carrie is looking for the security office. The terrorists are locking the gates to the train station. Carrie notices Qasim. Hey, yeah, that's the bad guy.

She texts Saul. Unfortunately, she's underground and can't text. Nobody wants to help the crazy lady. Qasim gets lost. Kindly, he lets some people through and doesn't lock his gate. Uh oh. Stampede alert.


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Homeland Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Allison: The Kremline can't seriously want this attack to go forward.
Agent: They do, and you will see to it that it does.
Allison: It's obscene.
Agent: Civilization is facing an existential threat. The west needs a wakeup call.

Cause if this attack goes down, I can't protect you from what comes next. Nobody can. It will become strictly a german matter. You know better than anybody what that means.