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Quinn is with the Jihadis. They're off the route. He wants to push on, but the Jihadis want to rest and eat. Qinn has to stay in the back of the truck while they do that.

Allison and Ivan are meeting in their favorite parking garage. He assures her that although Carrie hasn't called yet, she will. She wonders why he doesn't just finish this once and for all. He said there have been too many bodies already. They have to be smart. She thinks Carrie will see right through her. After all, they used to be close. He says that's crazy.

Dar is looking at the video of Saul's abduction. He wants to talk with Allison when she arrives. He thinks she knows where he is. He says there's a two and a half minute gap where he turned up the radio and ran the water. Allison says Saul said he loved her and asked her to help. Allison suggests Dar puts in a call to Tel Aviv.

Carrie is in a chapel, writing a note. She hides it inside a bible and goes outside. It's the same chapel from which she was abducted earlier in the season.

Etai meets with Saul. Dar Adal called someone and someone else is on their way to Berlin. Saul says he's fucked. Etai suggests he try to get Saul to Israel. Saul says defect for real? He can't do it. He's getting out of Etai's hair and giving Carrie a few more days. Some young kid won't let him. The director has ordered him.

Carrie calls Allison. She has left instructions for Allison in Rhinebeck. Baghdad protocol. Acrobat is alive. Allison says it's beyond crazy. Carrie agrees, but Allison knew him better than anyone.

Carrie flashes back to Baghdad, 2005. Carrie Orser, here to see Allison Stevens. Brody's photo is on the wall, missing in action. It was the first time Allison and Carrie met. It's the first time Carrie met Judge Samir, as well. Carrie will be taking over for Allison in a month. Samir says he's glad Carrie is here. They need all the help they can get.

Allison tells her how bad it is in Iraq. Carrie asks Allison where home is. Wisconson, by way of Milan...shopping.

Otto calls Carrie. He's been worried about her. She says she's fine, but he says she always says that. She needs Numan's help. Can he find him? Carrie wonders if Otto has seen Jonas. No. She just wondered if he had asked about her or wondered where she was. Should he tell him about her situation? No.

Flashback again...The conversation with Samir. The first laws were in his country. He knows who is selling the names of the judges. Ahmed Nazari. Allison assures him they're looking into it. He's not satisfied with that. Carrie promises him she will personally follow up on Ahmed. Allison says she won't follow up. Ahmed is an asset. His information ends up in the president's brief. Acrobat is needs, venal and has a thing for Allison.

Quinn wonders why they're still wherever they are after he's fed. They can't take weapons across the border. Has the dude been to jail? To a warzone? He didn't think so.

A woman shows up at Etai's house. She's there under the director's authority. She wants to speak with Saul alone. Saul moved forward with a plan he shouldn't have. Now the American's think the Israelis' killed the general. Saul knows it's the Russians. She can only give him until tomorrow morning to find out who did it. That's not enough.

Carrie is with Numan on the phone. He's trying to access Ahmed's computer through hers.

She flashes back to her first meeting with Ahmed. He's not pleased about the possibility of working with someone other than Allison. He wants to know why Allison cannot stay. The terms of the contract are that he works with Allison. No amount of money will make the difference. He doesn't know her. He doesn't trust her.

Quinn gets out of the truck and takes a look inside the house to see what's really going on. There appear to be only two dudes in there with a woman. The rest may have left. Quinn jumps into the house and sniffs around. He finds a container full of gas masks.

Allison arrives at the church where Carrie has left instructions for her. She takes the note, puts it into her purse and breathes.

This time, Allison flashes back. She tries to get Ahmed to realize why he has to continue the work with Carrie. He makes a pass on her. She asks if he needs more money. He has a case full of money. She's obliged to report it. It's for them to share. He wants them to be together. He has five more suitcases filled with American money. Over $8 million. She hesitates.

Still in the past, Allison tells Carrie Ahmed will work with her. He took more money. He's going to go see his sister first. Two to three weeks.

In the present, Ivan joins Allison in the church. He'll have a team standing by in case Carrie learned more of the puzzle than she should have. She notes he never tells her the whole truth. That's because he takes care of her. That's his first priority. He calls her by a Russian name.

Back in the past, Allison meets with Ahmed. He kisses her. Not yet, she says. When they're someplace beautiful. She's leaving in three days. She has instructions for him to ship money somewhere and get on a plane and meet her in St. Lucia. He goes blank. Ivan walks in. She screams in Russian. Ivan takes her gun and tells Ahmed to go. He has her. She's caught red handed. She's not a traitor. Ivan assures her that Russian and American interests have never been more aligned than they are right now. She needs to sit down and listen to him. What does she have to lose? He believes the more cooperation between their two countries, the better the world will be. He can pass intelligence to her, too. He says he knows her and what she's thinking. He assures her the $8 million is real and that not too long from now $4 million of it will be hers.

Allison waits for Carrie in the town square.

Another flashback, this one from Carrie. An attack. Acrobat was on the list of fatalities, a list that Allison had before Carrie.

In the present, Carrie goes to sit with Allison, the entire time she's in the crosshairs. Carrie wonders if Allison ever considered Ahmed might be playing both sides. Carries starts to cry. Can she please look at her old field reports to see if he might have been? She has to. Please. Allison says she'll do it as long as none of the hacked documents ever see the light of day ever again. Carrie promises. Allison believes her and picks up her cigarettes, the cue for the sniper to close up shop.

Quinn sees a second truck pull up. He starts to argue with the Jihadi's. You cannot take weapons into Syria. He's bopped on the head. They were never going to Syria. They're going back to Berlin.

Etail is also taking Saul somewhere.

Quinn is tied up with duct tape in the back of the truck. It appears he's going to be a part of a massive truck bomb.

Numan gets into Ahmed's computer. She doesn't know what they're looking for, exactly. It's a total stab in the dark. The screen saver is of St. Lucia. She wants Numan to google Banana Joe's. She's connecting the dots with Allison. Of course, the photo Numan finds is pretty much the same angle that features Ahmed's photo.

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Homeland Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Allison: Welcome to Operation Iraqqi Freedom.
Carrie: That bad, huh?
Allison: Worse.

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Carrie: Do you think he's bluffing?
Allison: He's a laywer. It's a negotiation.