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Allison meets with her Russian friend. What if Carrie is going through the documents right now? What then? She will not spend the rest of her life in prison. Ivan wants her to talk to Saul. She's played these men for years. They trust her. Talk to Saul.

Carrie is going though the documents. She's at Otto's place. He has made her some coffee. She's about a quarter of the way through the documents and has found nothing. She welcomes the break. She doesn't know what she's looking for, but for which Russian intelligence is willing to kill her. She hopes it's a mistake. If it is, she's taking Jonas home, getting Frannie and going to their cabin by the lake, never to leave. She doubts Jonas would even go with her. They broke up. 

Otto says you're either born with wings or you're not. Jonas is earthbound. Both feet on the ground.

Allison takes a thumb drive to Dar Adal. She says it was sitting in her top drawer. She wants to take a stab at Saul alone.

Meanwhile, Carrie finds a file discussing Oriole. She calls about a man named Samir. She worked with him in Baghdad. 

Peter has gotten what he wants. They've moved their operation from Berlin to Turkey. They want him to show them how to get to Turkey. They'll pay him $10k a day. They leave tonight.

Otto has his own chapel on his property. Carrie finds him there. A monk lived with him growing up. He always found it difficult being Catholic. Carrie was lapsed so long, she missed the hard part. She asks him if he would mind if she asked Laura Sutton joining them for a while to help her.

She gets a call from Samir. She is the Oriole. He sent out a message for her, but a joker named Smith or Jones came instead. A top terrorist is alive, one once presumed dead. 

Quinn and Dar Adal are talking about Saul. Quinn tells him about the Jihadis he fell in with. Quinn says one of them has an uncle who should paint them with a paint and kill situation.

Allison is with Saul, meanwhile. Saul trusts her. Poor bastard doesn't know that she's the worst person to hear what he says. Saul tells Allison he's loyal to Carrie, and Allison has a full on near heart attack panic attack. She can barely breathe. She immediately texts Ivan.

Laura arrives at Otto's plays with Numan in tow. He'd like her to help find his friend. She tells him he's dead. Achmed Nazari is the man for whom they are looking. Laura immediately wants to see the documents. 

Allison is talking with Ivan. She's worried that Achmed will spill the story to her. He's in Amsterdam. He tells her she represents the greatest penetration of American intelligence in history. His bosses think she's going to be something. Not sure what because I can't understand what she says. 

Laura and Otto gang up on Carrie about taking the documents public. Numan finds Jamilla Nazari in Amsterdam. Carrie prepares to go.

The Jihadis are preparing to go to Turkey with Quinn's help.

Carrie arrives in Amsterdam and immediately finds a man she knows who knows how to find Jamilla.

Jonas visits Otto. Otto tells Jonas he's worried about her mental state. He thinks it was a mistake to hire her. He's glad they're contract is up in February. He says she's unbalanced and they won't be renewing their contract, but don't let that affect your relationship with her.

Saul and Dar are saying their goodbyes. Dar says she finally brought him down. Saul says Dar will remember this moment and be shamed. We know Dar has no shame. Saul calls for his laundry.

Carrie readies herself to go into Jamilla's house. She breaks in and enters. 

Saul gets onto the elevator. When it opens, men in masks grab him and take him away. He's free!

Carrie is in the house and suddenly it sounds like it's overrun with children. The cab driver heads into the park,following a man walking a dog. Carrie takes a laptop. The man with the dog is taken away. It was Achmed. Men enter the house, trapping Carrie. They open the safe, getting something out. They get ready to leave, but notice the broken window in the door. Carrie jumps out of the window upstairs just as they start shooting.

She ditches her wig and looks different. Esom is dead. Throat slashed. 

Saul's Jewish friend Etai is who helped him. Saul plans on defecting.

Carrie makes a call. She calls Allison for help. OMG. She wants to know about her time in Baghdad before she arrived. WHAT?!

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Homeland Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Saul: I did download the documents. I did pass them to Otto During.
Allison: Saul. Why?
Saul: Why: That's a good question. I'm loyal, too, I guess.
Allison: Loyal? To who?
Saul: Carrie.

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Just because I'm sleeping with him doesn't mean I'd perjure myself to protect him.