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Saul, Dar Adal and Allison are attempting to assess the damage left behind because of the plane explosion. Allison assesses that someone betrayed them. Dar says, ya think?

Carrie goes to see Astrid, who makes fun of her wig. Carrie tries to appeal to Astrid to help her discover who the man was who tried to kill Quinn and is now dead. Astrid's not surprised Quinn was also a target. She's also concerned over Quinn's welfare. 

Quinn is still bleeding quite a lot. Thankfully, there was an exit wound, or he'd be in grave danger. He is, however, burning up with infection. 

Ramon goes to find some information on the guy who probably killed his friend. He's not very good at staying out of things and learning his lesson. A gal asks him the obvious question. If it's so dangerous, why is he doing it at all?

He plans on uploading it to the world, with a call to arms to meet at the Russian embassy to demand answers. Good God.

Carrie meets with Jonas. She has called him with a lie about being seriously injured. When he arrives and she's not, he's a bit peeved. He has brought antibiotics to treat Quinn.

Saul and Allison are chatting about who shot down the General. Allison tries to feed him information on who she thinks it was -- Israel. Saul doesn't buy it. Then she drops him at his place. He seems old and feeble in that moment, and no match for her. 

Jonas admits he doesn't want to lose Carrie. He thought he had, but he doesn't want to. 

Allison meets with the Russian fellow, Ivan, who is about to be outed on the internet. She knows it was Quinn's hitman who called her cell phone. She hopes nobody ever ties it back to her. She sees dead Carrie. They're trying to turn Dar Adal against Saul. Saul's weakness if Israel, and Dar Adal knows it. When he comes to her, and he will, she needs to then go to Saul with the passenger manifest.

Sure enough, Dar Adal goes to Allison . The bomb was set to go off at 20,000 feet, virtually identical to what Israel is using in their warfare. He asks her to put a team on it. And to put one on Saul, as well. She prints out the passenger manifest and takes it to Saul.

It's for a Lufstansa flight that left the day before yesterday. Michael Kittriedge. It doesn't ring a bell. Then she shows him the CCTV photo. It's his friend from the seder. They don't know where they went or who he met with. 

It's hard to tell if she's really happy about what she's doing or not.

Astrid is trying to make the identification and her boss walks up. He helps her identify him. He just wants her to do it on her own time next time.

Jonas is watching the Russian official video and calls Carrie over. After talking with Astrid, Carrie realizes there's something in the additional documents that haven't been leaked that the Russians want kept quiet.

Saul asks his friend what he was going in Geneva. Recruiting a potential asset. Their conversation doesn't go well, and they're being photographed.

Carrie is at the Russian Embassy. She buys a mask for 50 euros and blends right in. She puts something into Laura Sutton's pocket and walks off. It was a cell phone, which she subsequently calls. She arranges a meet at a train station, telling Laura to lose her camera man to walk, not run.

Laura suggests getting someone else to hack the CIA to find whatever it is that Russia is trying so desperately to hide. 

Jonas wants to call an ambulance for Quinn because he's dying. Carrie agrees, but by the time Jonas gets back to him, Quinn is gone. Quinn is hiding inside the warehouse, stumbling around.

Saul goes back to his room and finds a piece of BlackJack gum in an envelope.

Quinn is trying to kidnap himself so he can go to the hospital and be free of suspicion. Or he's trying to kill himself. But someone arrives on the scene. To help, he says. Quinn stumbles away, no hospital. The man follows.

Saul is on the move. His endpoint? Carrie. They meet in a cab. 

Quinn continues to stumble, trying to hide in a trash bin. He cannot open the lid. He passes out on the ground and the man leans over him just before he passes out.

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Homeland Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Dar Adal: You have a working theory?
Allison: Somebody betrayed us.
Dar Adal: Ya think?

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Ivan: Just a little farther now, OK. We're almost there.
Allison: Easy for you to say.
Ivan: Don't be scared of him.
Allison: Who, Dar Adal?
Ivan: He's a pussycat. Just put out the milk, he will lap it up. Believe me.
Allison: It's gonna take a lot more than that to turn Dar Adal against Saul.
Ivan: Wait and see. Saul's weakness is Israel. Dar Adal knows it. When he comes to you, and he will come, play hard to get, and then go to Saul with the passenger manifest.