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Twelve muslims convicted of terrorism are being freed, and Laura Sutton is concerned with a Mr. Zayd. 

Carrie confronts Saul about her name in his kill box. He stands there like a deaf mute. When she says it was the Russians, he wonders why they give a shit why she was alive or dead. He's astounded to think she would think he would hand over anything to her. 

He doesn't know his own agency is following him. She decides not to go into detail when he tells her there is a wall between them that she put there. He suggests she go to her hacker friends. Holding a grudge won't likely be best for him.

Zayd is home, whether that is in Syria or not, I don't know. Another man with a lot of drugs, OH!, WHO IS WATCHING over Quinn, moves back into his room. Huh. Ineresting.

Saul arrives at his hotel, taking a second to realize that he may be followed. 

Allison meets Saul in the street to ask her if she's being followed. Because he is. Hey, she's not surprised. Did she order it. Of course not. It was Dar. She tells him about the bomb in the wreckage pointing to Israel. He wants the station swept for bugs. It better be bugged. If it's not, they've got an even bigger problem.

Zayd shakes Quinn. The other dude wants to know what kind of a spy lays dead in the street hoping someone would bring him here. The guy is sincerely a good guy. "Whoever wants to go to heaven should honor their guests." Damn. He even transfused him with his own blood. Risky, but very kind.

Jonas is under attack by Carrie because he let Quinn get away. He did it her way and it went from bad to worse. He wants to call the authorities, but she doesn't know who to trust. He really doesn't get the situation she is in. Show she was. Who she is. She asks for time. Quinn walked out the door bleeding to death for her, doesn't that register? He leaves.

Saul is clearing the office of bugs. Dar wonders what's going on. Then Saul lays into Dar about thinking it was him. They argue while Allison listens in. Dar makes him come completely clean or else the lie detector is coming out. Lie detector it is. 

Quinn rises! He gets dressed and carries his pee bottle out into the hallway. He's definitely feeling better. He looks at his wound. He has a drainage tube in it. While he's in there, he hears Zayd talking about humiliation. The nice dude comes in and Quinn says he should tell his friends to keep their voices down. 

At home, Saul realizes that may be bugged, too. He looks for devices. Someone is walking by the front door and he rushes out, sure she's with "them." But you're not paranoid when someone is really out to get you.

Carrie contacts Otto at the During Foundation. She tells him she needs a plane, but he's not sure putting her on a plane to nowhere is really helping. Carrie reveals that she let Quinn down and she's always the problem, and she finally has the opportunity to leave and take the problems with her. She wants to leave today.

As Saul is readying for the lie detector test, Saul looks for Reuben, the guy analyzing the data from the breech. Everyone hides the data from him upon his entrance. He learns he's not on the distribution list. As of this morning. Things are worse than he thought. He tries to log into the network. He's no longer authorized. He goes into the hallway and asks a dude to check something for him. Then he utilizes someone else's computer and a flash drive and gets the data. He's gone before the guy gets back.

The kind man is caring for Saul when Hajik Zayd calls for him. The man manages the building and he and his wife were doctors. They help when they can. He gives Zayd advice. Is getting arrested the point? The real jihad is in Syria, but there you have to fight. He says to do what he has to do to him, just make sure the police aren't watching and not to make a mess.

Back at the CIA word is Saul left the building with the documents and slipped his tail. Allison calls him. Saul makes sure Dar is listening while they're talking. It's what I already told ya, Russians.

Saul is on his way to see Otto. He needs to talk to him about Carrie. He admits his mistake about her. He needs Otto to give her something. Carrie only. The CIA enters before Saul has a chance to give him the drive. Saul sits down while Otto makes a stink and is searched. Hopefully Saul is putting the drive in the chair. Saul is taken away.

Carrie is looking at messages with photos of Frannie. She's deleting them all. her car awaits.

Quinn is leaving. He's given medication. Quinn manages to get away by making his friends think he's a mercenary. It works. 

Otto gets his jacket from the club and looks at something in his coat pocket. Saul was sneaky and did it before he got to Otto. Good thinking. 

Carrie is outside a window looking at Jonas. 

Quinn starts to leave, Zayd standing in his way. He apologizes to the guy, he didn't mean to cause him any trouble. Quinn has to kill him. Quinn is wounded yet again, but nobody gives a flying shit about the bad guy. Quinn's staying another night. He'll be safe now.

Otto meets Carrie at the plane. He gives her the flash drive. 

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Homeland Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Shut up about these documents! About these...Who cares about these goddamned documents?! Quinn walked out that door, bleeding to death, to protect you, Carrie, does that not register?


Saul: You need to get your head out of your ass about the goddamned Israelis.
Dar: Why? Because you say so?
Saul: No, because it was Russians.