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Alison and Saul are celebrating a Jewish seder with family, In Germany. That's why terrorism is still so important to them. They have enemies all over the world who still want to destroy them.

Carrie wakes up, chained to a bed, panicked. Quinn walks over, and she's happy to see him. She wonders what the fuck is going on. He tells her he must have done something, pissed off someone. He then covers her face in his blood. He confirms Saul put her name on the list and tells her to play dead. He takes a photo of her. 

Carrie wants to know about his operation with Saul and how it works. Quinn doesn't know why her name was in the box or why, but it's not his job. He just knows a kill photo will buy her time to disappear. She wants to talk to Saul, but Peter advises against it. Highly.

Saul is talking to his host, who he once assured there was no plan to overthrow Assad. He says again Yusef is not being groomed to replace him. His host things Arabs killing Arabs is a better strategy than them firing rockets into Israel. 

Jonas tries to reach Carrie. Laura comes in to chat about her source screwing her, but gets in a dig at Carrie as well. Carrie didn't do her job and Otto should fire her ass. Jonas assures her Carrie did do her job, she told Otto not to go. Laura is peeved the CIA is still following her. Otto interrupts and makes Jonas help Laura despite his reservations. Otto and Jonas talk about Carrie. Otto thinks they should call the police. Jonas disagrees, for her safety. 

Carrie is filming a video for Frannie. Quinn assures Carrie as long as she even feigns life, someone could go after Frannie in lieu of Carrie, to get to Carrie. Carrie re-records the video, speaking in the past tense and as if Frannie will not view the video for a very, very long time. While she cries into the camera, Quinn looks beyond, unable to watch. It's heart wrenching.

Laura goes to see Sabina, a hacker under house arrest. Laura talks a good game, but she seems like she's more bark than bite, to be honest. Asking someone to do what might bet them in prison is scary stuff.

Allison meets Yusef and his wife. Their daughter is very ill. Allison is incognito, acting as a medical professional. His daughter is getting a kidney, and the donor is getting paid. 

Quinn mentions to Carrie that she kept her fallback plan in place. She notes she spent two years looking for him and she never stopped. Carrie needs to know who wants her dead. She refuses to do what he's asking. She needs to try to keep her life.

Allison tells Yusef what's up. They're all CIA. He signs a document, but it's unclear if it means anything.

Numan learns he screwed Laura. His pal is making a play with Russians. Numan begs him to get out of the car. The fellow he meets with is cynical. This isn't going to end well.

Yusef goes outside to smoke, finds Saul. He's flattered. Saul chats with him about what should go down. Yusef hesitates. 

Numen's partner is killed when a backup copy of the documents are found at his house. A girl is also killed. Numan arrives home to carnage. 

Carrie and Quinn are at the postal box. When Quinn delivers the "mail" the post man texts someone. He races over and hell is about to break loose. Whoever wants Carrie dead now wants Quinn dead. He's badly shot. 

Yusef wants his family to remain behind until the conflict is over. But it will raise red flags. They can't allow it. 

Carrie calls the number in the phone memory. It's Allison.

As Allison hears dead air, the plane explodes above. Saul says, "Oh my God." 



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Homeland Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Somebody, somewhere, likely very senior, wants you dead. If they think you're not dead, they're gonna send somebody to finish the job. You gotta disappear.


Carrie: How did you feel when you had to leave your kid?
Quinn: Not everyone's fit to be a parent.