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Saul doesn't know if Allison is lying. Carrie is trying to bring before Dar all of the evidence that shows Allison has been a Russian pawn to provide maximum value to advance her career for 20 years. Dar still doesn't want to believe it. Saul is more willing to believe. Dar, however, is worried about the political implications and happy about what what Ivan is saying. 

Saul wants to get her to confess and run her back around at the Russians. 

Carrie and Astrid wonder if Allison will get away with it, and realize neither of them has a say in the matter. Their next topic of discussion is Quinn. He's been missing for nine days. Astrid will search security cameras for a trace of him.

Quinn, meanwhile, is still frothing at the mouth. The terrorists want to make sure they get great footage to make Bibi look as brilliant as possible when he delivers his message.

When Saul begins to question Allison, she immediately cuts into him. Saul wonders to whom she reported the recruitment of Ivan. David Estes, who died. Allison has an answer for everything. She's cocky and confident. Saul guarantees from this moment forward, nothing about her lies will be easy.

Saul grabs her and slams her against the wall, calls her a sociopath for having someone killed by a bullet in the face at close range. What does she think happened to all of these people? Dar, of course, sides with Allison again. She whines and cries.

Jonas has a shortlist of replacement candidates for Carrie available for Otto. Laura has someone in the conference room who was imprisoned. They're going to get a deposition from him. He is suing for damages for being illegally obtained and imprisoned. Jonas shows evidence that he sold phones to radical muslims and was also in prison with at least one. Fisad balks, but Jonas points out the government already know the answer. What they need to know is if anyone in prison talked about Jihad. He says he heard, but he didn't listen. He hears about an attack in Berlin, but mostly is was silly, he says. He refuses to say what he knows about the attack. To the people who are going to clothe and house him and protect him. Nice.

Laura says they will talk to Otto tomorrow about the attack on Berlin. As soon as she says that, you know the attack, or something related, will happen tonight.

Carrie is looking at Quinn's things, zip ties, laptop. Astrid texts -- get to a TV now! The terrorists are making demands. Quinn's video plays. Carrie panics, falls down and begins to cry.

Dar wants a moment with Saul. He wonders if there is any downside to telling the Germans it's Peter Quinn. 

Saul thinks the 24 hours sounds like a soft deadline. Dar admits to the Germans all that Quinn revealed about Syria and the intent of the Jihadis. Allison wants to use Ivan as a tool to help discover whether or not there is enough material to make sarin gas to pull off an attack the likes of which the Jihadists will make Tokoyo look like a test run (or something).

Allison talks Dar into letting her help out. She won't admit to being what Saul "says she is," but even if she is, this is her backyard and she's not going to let it get trounced by terrorists. Or something.

The Jihadists are preparing for their big play. Getting ready to dump their cell phones in the river. They're going to dump it in the train tunnel for maximum dispersal. Qasim thinks their demands might be met, his pal says no, it will take several times before anyone realizes that denying them will cost more than anyone is willing to pay. Qasim doesn't really understand it all.

Carrie arrives at the building just in time to see Dar and Allison getting into a car and riding off. At the moment, they think Quinn is dead. Carrie needs to see the video from beginning to end. He could be signaling. She knew him better than anybody else. Astrid starts the video, warning Carrie that it's pretty rough.

Although she wants to watch it all, at one point, Carrie does turn away. Quinn appears to be dead.

The New Normal is that the governments won't give terrorists license to induce panic at any time they want. If the people of Berlin are warned in any way, the government believes they're giving terrorists that power. Thus, the people of Berlin shall go unwarned.

Jonas and Laura are arguing in front of Otto. Jonas thinks they need his client's information about the impending attack. Laura thinks they need to protect him at all costs. Otto decides to call Saul.

He wants to know the guy will not be arrested and that his lawyer can be present at all times. Saul agrees. Otto will take him in.

Quinn is alive. The terrorist will leave him in his "tomb" and hope they can discover who tried to betray them by saving the American by using the atropine injector.

Using the floor tiles noticed by Carrie and an algorithm, they limit the buildings where the terrorists could be to 39 possible locations. They hope to get search teams ready.

Meanwhile, back at the location, Qasim is gonna be in trouble! Qasim tries to intervene, but Bibi plans on shooting the dude next to him, who has a missing atropene injector. Simple pimple. Qasim saved.

Before Otto and friends get to Saul, Germans pull up and grab the client.

Allison is outside smoking while an old lady walks her dog. As her guard watches, saying nobody, including him, believes what they're saying about her, she pulls something off the bottom of her shoe so the old lady can grab it later out of the ashtray. People are idiots.

Carrie and Astrid get to a building and go inside. They find the guy who was shot. Carrie continues onward, determined to find Peter. She does. She moves forward. Peter's finger movies, then his eyes slowly blink. He's alive!

Bibi switched out the kits. He knew Qasim saved Quinn. He, in turn, saved Qasim. They're on their way to carry out the incident, I guess.

Carrie is at Quinn's bedside at the hospital. Saul comes in. Quinn appears to be on life support. 

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Homeland Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Jonas: And the short-list of replacements for Carrie.
Otto: Maybe they will have less baggage.

Laura: Look, it was jailhouse chatter. Nothing.
Jonas: Of an attack on Berlin? I can't just sit on that.