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Catholic mass in Germany and Carrie is there, accepting communion.

A dude shows up to work at an online cathouse. He has with him a doctored video of a Muslim saying and doing less than savory things. He uploads it. Screw them. At the same time they're being pinged, an office of some sort seems to be monitoring what's happening. Someone is being attacked. The CIA notices their own system being affected. Are they being hacked? It appears so. 

Carrie Mathison is riding Frannie to school on a bicycle. It's her birthday. After dropping her off, Carrie heads to work. She's the head of security for someone. There is a refugee crisis developing on the border of Lebanon and her boss wants her to go with him. She says they're not equipped to go into a war zone. He says they have three days.

Quinn and Saul are at CIA headquarters in Langley. Peter was on the ground in Syria for the last two years and he's briefing the group. He's been heading up a team of special ops for the past 28 months, more or less continuously. One man wants to know what it mean, exactly. He's angry. Wants to know if the strategy is working. Quinn wonders what strategy he's talking about. If he knew what it was, he could tell them what it was. The enemy knows what their strategy is, and Quinn lays it out on the table for them. Two hundred thousand military on the ground indefinitely to provide support for an equal number of doctors and elementary school teachers. What else would make a difference? Hit reset, pound Raqqa into a parking lot.

Dar Adal wonders why Saul didn't stop Quinn when he went off book. Saul thinks those dudes needed to hear the truth. Just then Saul gets word on the data breach in Berlin.

During the birthday party, one of Carrie's coworkers comes in asking about vetting a story about the CIA making an end run around German security to spy on German nationals before she publishes. Carrie refuses, saying if she even so much as looks at it, it will violate the agreement she made with the CIA that allows her to keep her security clearance.

Later that night, her boyfriend says he doesn't see any reason she has to get involved in that world again. She feels better.

Carrie visits Allison at the CIA office asking for help before her trip to the Lebanon border. In return, Allison asks what's going on with the foundation. If Carrie won't give her any information on her boss identifying transit sites in Poland, then she'll get no information. Since Saul is on his way in for a surprise visit, Allison shows her the back stairwell. Which just so happens to be where Saul is making his way into the building.

Back at the office, Carrie gets into a tiff with her snotty coworker and her boss, who tells her why he truly wants to go to Lebanon. He's going to write a check to help the refugees, and in return six others will, as well, but only if he goes in person.

Carrie goes to see an Imam and the fellow who greats her doesn't know if he'll have time for her. She says to please tell him it's urgent. She's welcomed in moments later. She hopes to speak to the Hezbollah leader El Amin who is living underground in Berlin about their safe passage. He seems rather insulted.

Saul is meeting with someone about the documents that are about to go public. As of now, they haven't been published, and what they did was done out of need. They still don't know who took the data, nor do they expect it to go public. The fellow says trusting the CIA was a mistake and the operation is over. There are hard core Jihadis right there in Germany. It appears the Germans and the Americans were working together on an operation to spy on German nationals to get information, and Homeland's own version of Edward Snowden released the information.

Carrie spends a lot of time in church. When she exits, she discovers a woman has just locked their bikes together. When she approaches her about it, a sack is tossed over her head and she's kidnapped. She's left in what appears to be a sewer.

Quinn breaks into someone's apartment.

Someone approaches Carrie. He was a part of the team protecting Abu Nazir when she attacked them. She says all that suffering and nothing changes. It's part of the reason she doesn't work for the government anymore. The fellow she's speaking with is El Amin. He has no desire to help her. She jumps up to run after him as he leaves. She asked him respectfully for safe passage. He is obliged to offer her to the council.

Quinn is speaking to a broken, bound man while he builds a bomb on his desk and tells him to prepare for paradise. Once outside, the place blows up.

Saul tells Quinn that going forward, he is out of the agency and there is no longer any support from Germany. But if Saul puts names in the box, Quinn assures him he will take care of anyone he puts there.

Carrie gets a call in the middle of the night. The council has invited Otto as their honored guest.

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Homeland Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Want to tell me how our classified network go within a thousand miles of the goddamned internet?


Saul: So you, what are you atoning for? Keeing American safe?
Carrie: I'm not atoning.
Saul: You turned your back on your entire life.
Carrie: I'm just trying to do good work.
Saul: Well you're not. You're being naive and stupid, something you never were before.