A Past Life - Houdini & Doyle
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Doyle believes a reincarnated boy has attempted murder to avenge his past life. 

Houdini doesn't believe despite the fact that the boy claimed the woman murdered him. 

Houdini is interested in Constable Stratton. Doyle bets him she won't go out with him. 

The boy tells Stratton he had to kill her for killing him. She put a bullet in his head. 

The victim believes that the boy was hired to scare her. 

The boy takes them to his neighborhood and shows them where he was buried. They dig and find a skull. 

The evidence seems to favor reincarnation, but Houdini stays skeptical. 

They speak to Martin's widow. Houdini wonders if she killed him. The boy continues to claim he is Martin. 

The victim, Ms. Bellworth, admits to having an affair with Martin, but says she wasn't the only one. 

Stratton believes the boy is really a kid named Peter who went missing three days ago.

Doyle is concerned that his daughter is skipping school. He reveals that his wife has tuberculosis and has been unresponsive for six months. 

Peter's parents tell them that he became distant over the last year. Houdini finds Martin's journal in Peter's room. 

They set up Lydia Bellworth and she admits that she was pregnant with Martin's baby. She was told it was a still born. 

Doyle learns his daughter's truancy related to her missing her mother. 

Stratton agrees to dinner with Houdini. 

They tell Peter that he was right that Lydia killed Martin, but he's not him, he's his son. 









Houdini & Doyle
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Houdini & Doyle Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Houdini: Maybe he didn't mean it literally.
Doyle: A ten year old who speaks in metaphors?
Houdini: So he was a professor of literature in his past life.

Doyle: Ten pounds says she won't go to dinner with you.
Houdini: Ten pounds? Either you're incredibly cheap or you have no confidence in your bet.