Uniting for a Cause - House of the Dragon
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The families unite at Laena's funeral, and there are some big changes.

Otto is back as Hand of the King and relishing in the fact that he's, once again, in the King's ear.

Vhagar hasn't been sighted since Laena's death.

Aemond sneaks out at night and finds the dragon. It's a struggle but he becomes the new owner of it.

Rharnyra and Laena's children fight with him because he is rude to them and stole the dragon.

It's brutal, but he loses an eye and Alicent is out for revenge.

She wants to take the eye of one of Rhaenyra's children, something that causes a great deal of drama.

Aemond said he lost an eye but gained a dragon. Alicent stabs Rhaenyra in the arm, and Rhaenyra tells her that people see her how she really is now.

Otto meets with his daughter and tells her he's proud of her for her tenacity during this battle.

Rhaenyra has sex with Daemon and tells him they need to get married to rule together and Daemon says that can't happen without Laenor's death. She says she knows.

Daemon orchestrates his death, and we see a dead body, but we then see Laeno on a boat making a swift getaway.


House of the Dragon
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House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

If you are to be a strong Queen your subjects must fear you.


We play an ugly game.