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It's not even worth dissecting the Case of the Week. A girl lied about meeting a famous comic book creator, which was meant to symbolize the importance of telling the truth.

This led to the episode-concluding admission by Chase: no, he's not having an affair. But, yes, he did kill Dibala. We're left with a stunned Cameron reacting to this news with... silence. How will it affect her relationship with Chase? Spoilers have already given that away.

The crux of the episode involved a medical conference attended by House, Wilson and Cuddy. During it, we see a combination of the new House and the old House.

He actually drugs Wilson in order to prevent him fro giving a speech on euthanasia because it would kill his career. House gives the speech - under someone else's name - instead, thereby getting Wilson's message out there, but ensuring that his friend isn't fired. House also tells Wilson that what he did to a patient recently is okay, it's understandable, it's admirable that Wilson feels guilty about it.

Wilson appreciates the message.

House is also shockingly open with Cuddy. He pretty much admits his feelings to her. But he's then in for a major shock when he discovers Lucas, his former private eye, is on the conference. He's been dating Cuddy for awhile. A more mature House actually acknowledges, though, that Lucas is more stable right now as a boyfriend. Amazing.

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House Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Dr. Cuddy: Tell me what you came here for, House.
House: I've got a legitimate medical excuse.
Dr. Cuddy: You must be so proud.
House: I've forgotten it. I guess it's no big deal, since I was only using it as an excuse to come check out Patty and Selma.
Dr. Cuddy: I feel bad. I haven't named your testicles.
House: Word on the street is you set a new personal best for low-cut.
Dr. Cuddy: I don't know why you chose to give them the names of someone's aunts.
House: It's a compliment. They're always smokin'.

Foreman expects me to read an x-ray on this itty-bitty screen. He should have e-mailed me a larger phone.