Major House Casting News: Jennifer Morrison Out as Cameron!

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Throughout the summer, numerous House spoilers emphasized how this would the season of Chase and Cameron. The newly-married couple would be re-joining the team and placed back into the heart of episodes.

Just last month, series creator David Shore said: “Chase and Cameron fans will be happy with the way we’re going to reintegrate them into the team — at least on a temporary basis.”

He wasn't kidding about the last part. As first reported by Entertainment Weekly, Jennifer Morrison will be leaving House in November!

Dr. Allison Cameron

Sources confirm that this is a creative decision; the actress did not quit. While recent spoilers hinted at a fight between Cameron and Chase, there was nothing to indicate that Morrison's character would actually exit the show.

We'll follow up this story with any news that breaks. All we can report for now is that Cameron will not be killed off, and Chase will remain on the series.

Will you be sad to see Morrison go?

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I think she is the least intresting character.
It won't be a loss if she never return.
The rest of the cast and characters are much intersting then her.
So let her be killed off it would not hurt maybe it would better the character of Chase


I just read this is only temporary, hope so. I loved the old team best, altho i do like 13, and miss Kutner. Wouldn't miss Taub tho. So hope this is true. If they ever take Lisa off of the show, i have my doubts i'd watch it. I absolutely love her & her character. And I think Jennifer is a wonderful woman too. Her & Jesse are pretty mature to play out a married couple after really dating & then breaking up. How many people could be that convincing? House is my favorite show & I hope it's not tampered with much, at least not in getting rid of any of the originals. And as far as this Huddy thing everyone wants, I don't! Cuddy is too good for someone like House. Why would a woman like that want a man who sees hookers? Anyhow, hope that Jennifer is only gone temporarily, i would miss her alot.


won't miss her. Never liked her character, so I'm not losing any sleep over JM not being on the show anymore.


I spent two years waiting for Cameron to come back on the show because she's one of the most interesting characters they've got. I feel very angry at being lied to by Shore when he said she would be back. If the show without Cameron is like the Foreman/Thirteen episode Epic Fail, the show will be doing without me too.


I will not watch House anymore after she leaves. And neither will so many other fans. The creators lied to us. And they took away what made me watch House. Cameron was the only thing that I looked forward to.


stupid idea to eliminate her charachet much more interesting than chase or freman , or taub , i won't see hosue anymore.

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