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Everyone was worried about House this week, following his split from Cuddy. It didn't help that he pretty much locked himself in a hotel room, was taking Vicodin and drinking and doing prostitutes.

The team functioned as best it could without their leader at the hospital, dealing with a rodeo cowboy who suffered from hearing loss when he first came in. Masters seemed to actually develop a crush on him, but was rejected near the end of the episode.

Wilson, meanwhile, tried to get Cuddy to speak to House, but she wouldn't do so on a personal level. She said that she was the problem and that she couldn't get through to him, as evidenced by their relationship and the fact he never changed. When she tried to scold him from doing a procedure at work, House challenged her and went ahead with it anyway. Fortunately, it worked out.

To end the hour, Wilson and many hotel guests watched as House climbed to his balcony railing and jumped off... straight into the pool. The guy has major issues.

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House Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

When things go run, I don't wanna hope I'm not alone, I wanna know it.


Wilson: She told me you had taken a Vicodin.
House: And then I took A lot more.