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This week's episode was all about how House and Cuddy tried to function as a couple at work.

First, they told HR about their relationship. Then, it was on to Wilson and the team. Chase didn't care, Foreman was supportive and Taub thought it was a bad idea because it would eventually blow up and make House even more miserable. Wilson was in favor and impressed by House's happiness, but also concerned about Cuddy supervising him.

This proved to be the correct initial outlook, as both sides acted unnaturally around the other during a case that involved a sick teenage girl and her wheelchair-bound brother. After trying to diagnose her, it was determine she'd only survive if she got half a lung from her brother... which would shorten his already-reduced life span.

Cuddy was against House offering this as an option to the family, but he did so anyway. It led to a massive, public fight between Cuddy and House because House thought the parents made the wrong choice of NOT going through with it.

But when the brother insisted on giving up his lung, the girl's life was saved and Cuddy also realized the fight was the first honest interaction she and House had all day. They went home content with it and, seemingly, confident of how to now act at work.

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House Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Taub: And what's with the death's head cane?
House: They didn't have a death's ass cane in my size.

So... Junior Miss Everything. Skateboarder, basketballer, science clubber, seal clubber... I'm actually guessing with that last one.