House Review: Up Top!

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People who haven't seen Cuddy naked should not throw stones.

Call me crazy, but I think House likes to see Cuddy naked... and talk about Cuddy naked... and, well, do other things to Cuddy naked.

On the episode that outed Huddy as a couple to the pair's co-workers, we were treated to an engaging, humorous, emotional hour. Few shows on TV can combine crotch and ass grabs with the impossible decision of parents choosing between their children, but "Selfish" pulled it off well.

Dating and Working Together

Because he was so focused on his girlfriend's well-formed backside (he did say well-formed, Taub), House could scarcely treat the Patient of the Week. Which was extra sad because she seemed the most giving human being on the planet.

For once, House was offering advice (the world would be a better place if we were all selfish) that he was not following, as every interaction with Cuddy was based on his feelings for her and their new arrangement, not what was best for the girl in the hospital bed. Did you ever think you'd see House put manners before treatment?!?

Of course, that changed because it had to change, both for House's professional life and his personal life. The more he and Cuddy have blow-ups in the hallway, the more lives that will be saved - and also the more House will realize that Cuddy really does love him, even when he's being a bullying ass.

Aside from a touching case and interesting Huddy interaction, the episode offered up one of the funniest scenes in show history. I paused my DVR and laughed for a solid 30 seconds at Wilson's face after Cuddy casually grabbed House's crotch. Great stuff.

Other notes from the installment:

  • Chase is dating four women?!? Nice to see he bounced back so well from Thirteen's sex rejection.
  • Funny stuff between the clinic patient and his son.
  • What's always so great about House's unprofessional, bullying speeches is that he says what we're thinking. I couldn't have been the only viewer who understood these parents faced a difficult decision, but also a relatively easy one: You have to save the life of one child, don't you?

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Selfish Review

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