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This week on House, a military officer charged with treason (Brant) checks in to the hospital and tries to bargain treatment for a chance to explain himself on national television.  Did his actions of releasing a video of a botched American attack qualify as a betrayal of his country?  His brother seems to think so and invokes their deceased father's name in order to further prove his point about loyalty and honor. 

Meanwhile, is House keeping a secret from his team on this episode?  Dr. Adams quickly picks up on House acting differently than usual.  Park even downgrades his genius to "very smart" while Taub tricks House into using an out of order bathroom in order to run some tests.  His whole team, with the exception of Chase believes House may be sick.  All the signs are there, but since House is House, he was faking his ailment with the ultimate agenda of trying to figure out who on the team he can ultimately trust. 

In the end, it's Chase who sold House out to Foreman and House repays him by planting rats at Chase's apartment.  The patient leaves the hospital diagnosed and is saluted by his brother on the way out, demonstrating a mutual respect between the two men.

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House Season 8 Episode 15 Quotes

Or maybe he thinks you have more than one nondescript white blouse.


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