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After breaking up with Stella (Sarah Chalke), Ted is involved in a car accident.  He re-evaluates his life and relationship with Stella and regrets breaking up with her.  However, Stella didn't realize they broke up and is angry then to find out they did and she dumps.  Meanwhile, Barney rushes across town to visit Ted in the hospital and is hit by a bus, seriously injuring him.  When Ted finds out, they become friends again.  The episode and season ends with Ted proposing to Stella at a Chuck E. Cheese like place.

How I Met Your Mother
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How I Met Your Mother Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Stella: So, my sister broke up with her boyfriend.
Ted: Well, now I can finally say it: I hated that guy! Everything out of his mouth is 'I'm a vegan!', 'Fish feel pain!', 'I'm never constipated!'. That guy's an idiot.
Stella: Actually, she's marrying him. I just wanted your honest opinion.
Ted: He's actually a really nice guy. There's a wisdom

Marshall: God sent those lice to my head like he sent the locust to Egypt: to liberate me from corporate bondage. Miracle