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Barney is waiting for his Friday appointment with his boss, so while he waits, he does his favorite never calming thing, he is being interviewed by Jim Nantz for the “Perfect Week”.  The “Perfect Week” is symbolic for landing a different hot girl every night for a week.

He starts his flashback with night one. Barney tells Nantz that night one was pretty routine. It all started with Barney calling his shot by pointing to a random girl at the bar. He quickly leaves with her and sends his hand guns a blazing.

Day two, three, and four went off without a hitch and it seemed as though Barney was on a mission possible.

Meanwhile, in the peanut gallery, the gang is also going though an interesting week. Robin starts off the week not caring that Dale hasn’t called her back after their date. She was easily annoyed with him on day one, but buy day four she couldn’t explain why he hasn’t called her back.

On his first day of a new semester, Ted humiliates himself and an Asian student in his class by making fun of her name – Cook Pu – because he couldn’t believe someone could be named such a ridiculous name. Later on in the week she decides to drop his class – being the first student to ever do so. Ted feels horrible about his actions, but the group can’t stop making jokes about her name.

Marshall and Lily ruin what could have been a perfect couple pairing by accidentally informing that they share a toothbrush. We later find out that this toothbrush was also shared by Ted and even Robin – eww.

On day five we learn of Barney’s work troubles. By Friday he might be fired from his job. Lily wants to confront Barney, but Ted helps him land girl number five.

Day six, Barney tells the group that he landed some hot Swedish woman at Tavern on the Green, but really just landed a waitress.

The whole group is routing for Barney except Lily. It would seem like she is trying to muck things up. She tries to tell the group that there is no such thing as a jinx. But, as fate has it, day seven brings in a Yankee. Not just any Yankee – hottie Nick Swisher. Lily realizes that the whole gang needs this to work out so she makes a quick play at the end to divert the Barney’s girl from going over to the Yankee.

The whole gang realizes what Lily is doing and they get up to help. In the end, Barney is able to pull it together and lands the seventh girl, making his perfect week complete.

Back to reality, Barney goes in to meet with his boss. He informs Barney that although he messed up big time, they decided to keep him on and not fire him. All is well again.

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And not a single fatty - that's impressive.

Jim Nantz

That woman nursing a Black Russian is about to chase it with a White American!