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Super bowl 44 in Miami - Barney was at the stadium and held up a sign with his phone number. Since then, he has been getting millions of calls and texts from women who want him. He didn’t go home with the first girl because he believed there will be a hotter girl out there than her.

This amazing gift from the dating Gods turns into the biggest crusade for him. Barney brings home girl after girl and denies each one after the other because he believes the next girl will be hotter. Finally, he ditches his cell phone in the back of MacLaren's dumpster and leaves with a very hot blonde. When he gets home he is about to get it on when he hears in the distance his phone ringing. He ends up ditching her to go back to MacLaren’s and answer his phone.

Don is Robin’s co-anchor. He invites her to a party and she misconstrues it as him asking her out.  The gang tells Robin that she is definitely interested in him and wants to really go out with him.

Robin asks Ted if he wants to go to the party with her before his dinner reservation. He agrees and when they get to Don’s apartment he is sitting on the couch naked. Ted dips out.

Robin at first thinks that Don is a rabbit, but the next day at work Don tells her how embarrassed he is. Not about being naked, but about not being a good co-anchor. He gets up to get her some coffee and is wearing pants. She realizes that he isn’t a rabbit, but a duck.

Ted wants Lily and Marshall to arrange marriage him because he hasn’t been able to pick the right girls. Ted brings out a book with a duck/rabbit picture. The group gets into one of the most heated conversations about which is better a duck or a rabbit. Finally, Marshall concedes and said that the rabbit is better than the duck.

Valentine’s Day roles into town and Lily and Marshall completely forgot about setting Ted up with his future wife. They run around MacLaren’s asking girl after girl until Marshall gets pepper sprayed in the face. They concede in telling Ted the truth. 

A hysterical Barney comes in and tells Lily and Marshall that his phone is cursed. He leaves being carried away by his driver. That’s when they get a call and tell Ted that the woman who called is the perfect girl for him. She likes all the same jokes and wants to get married.  At this moment Ted has to choose between rabbit and duck for dinner and he chooses rabbit.

He leaves and dashes to Barney’s phone and becomes Teddy West Side – a smooth operator. Barney comes dashing in demanding his phone  back and Lily ends up taking the phone and dropping it in a pitcher of beer.

The episode ends with both Robin and Ted together on Valentine’s Day drinking a beer.

How I Met Your Mother
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How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Dibs on his wings.


Keep your eyes peeled for a red sweater. Based on her texts, she's dirty, dyslexic, and wants to 96 me.