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After years of being miserable working in corporate law, Marshall finally gets his judgeship. Several years later, he announces that he's running for State Supreme Court. 

The gang sees very little of Robin as she becomes a superstar for World Wide News and travels the world.

Barney makes a new playbook and goes for the perfect month, a.k.a. sleeping with a new woman every night for a month. #31 ends up pregnant.

Barney meets his newborn daughter, Ellie. She changes his life and being a dad becomes his focus over chasing women. 

Ted finishes his story of how he met his children's mother on a train platform after Barney and Robin's wedding. It turns out Tracy became seriously ill and died six years ago. His kids, now teenagers tell him that his story shows how much he loves Aunt Robin and they encourage him to ask her out.

Robin is now living again in New York City with several dogs. Ted shows up with the blue French horn. 

The End.

How I Met Your Mother
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