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Barney gets Robin a special gift and asks Ted to hold on to it for safe keeping until the rehearsal dinner. When Ted finds the gift ruined, he believes someone framed him.  Barney and Robin's search for a new officiant ends when James's father Reverend Sam shows up. Barney's father arrives with his wife, but after seeing him and his mom exchange pleasantries he sets out to reunite them. James also hatches a plan to bring his parents back together. Marshall and Daphne finally bond on their road trip, but the mood is ruined when Daphne gets hung up on by her daughter. Marshall gets Daphne to her daughter's school in time though to see her presentation and the two travel companions part ways. Lily helps Ted uncover Billy Zabka as the culprit behind the wrecked gift.  Zabka opens up to Ted about just wanting to be Barney's friend. Ted tells Barney he wrecked the gift and credits Zabka with saving the day.

How I Met Your Mother
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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 10 Quotes

Hey quick favor. I want to give this to Robin, Gretzkys her hero. She says his name sometimes in bed, I've accepted it.


Kids, they don't understand logic, kids understand who shows up. That's why her dad's her hero and I get hung up on.