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Connor passes out in the flashforward and Michaela screams for him on the other side of the wall.

Annalise calls a bank and transfers out fifty thousand dollars. 

Gabriel continues listening to the Annalise/Sam tapes, while Michaela looks up information on her father, Solomon Vick. 

Caplan and Gold defend the creator of a dating app, Heidi,  who is being sued by a disabled man, Carl, for discrimination. Instead of taking a settlement, he asks her to change her algorithm but she declines. 

The Keating students are tasked with finding out negative information on Carl to get him to drop the suit, and they find out he is an incel. 

Heidi's lawyer, Robert, tells Annalise that Heidi is selling the algorithm to the government for 50 million dollars. Later, Asher pretends to be an incel and gives Carl access to Heidi's passwords. He then uploads a sex tape of her and Caplan and Gold levies a sexual assault case against him. He later drops the case after a conversation with Annalise. 

Michaela and Gabriel attend a conference Solomon is speaking at, and before she tries to sneak into Solomon's room to get his DNA, she and Gabriel fight and he returns home. 

Michaela is caught by Solomon, and the two later share a drink. 

Robert and Annalise go out on a date. 

Bonnie and Nate find out that Tegan owns stock in a company that Laurel owns. 

Frank shows up on Bonnie's doorstep barely alive. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Nate: Uh, question, when did this clinic stop being about helping the underprivileged?
Annalise: You mean when Tegan drove to Maryland to stop your dumbass from getting our clients deported?

Agent Lanford: You have to want something better for yourself than whatever it is you do these days.
Nate: I want my pop's case solved. That's what I want.
Agent Lanford: So do we. Just give us something on Annalise. And, hell, there might even be a job for you here. Special Agent Lahey. It sounds good, right?