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Alistair and Chloe’s joint birthday is cause for some disruption in the camp this week’s episode. While the girls surprise a joyful Chloe in the morning, no one is aware that Chloe and Alistair share the same birthday, until Trent notifies George. In addition to being friendly with Alistair, Trent also poses some prying questions to Chloe, which tips her off that he is aware that the two are twins. Although upset about the revelation, Chloe continues with her secret birthday gathering in the woods.

At the party, the campers play “Never-Have-I-Ever” and “Truth or Dare” with liquor Amber pilfered from under Poppy’s bed. Chloe dares Piznarski to kiss another boy after she is dared to kiss Amber, but the joke takes a cruel turn when Piznarski decides to drag an unwitting Alistair into the game. He kisses the seemingly gay Alistair who responds that he likes someone else.

The gag is revealed when Piznarski points out the sniggering group, including twin-sister Chloe. Alistair and Chloe are hurt by the turn of events, but Alistair finds it in his heart to forgive the object of his affection – Trent.

George and Amber make plans to meet early in the morning so they won’t arouse any suspicion, but Will is very much aware of their relationship. After too much drinking at Chloe’s party, Amber returns to the cabin and helped through her vomiting by Will. Will tells Amber about seeing the two, but shows nothing but concern for Amber since she is the younger and more vulnerable one in the relationship. Amber wants to continue the relationship, but George realizes that he needs to set a better example and doesn’t show up for their meeting and ends the relationship.

Dr. Rand continues dating Wayne with positive results to her well-being, but she is still meeting with married camp director Jonathan from Lake Knolls.

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