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Shay’s family emergency puts George in charge of Camp Victory’s spirit quest, a Native American ritual meant to inspire the campers. Conflicts arise between Poppy and George when the energetic counselor tries to emphasize the spiritual experience and the latter would prefer a simple camping trip. The spirit quest allows for the unlikely pairings of Chloe and Becca, Will and Amber, as well as Trent and Alistair as camping buddies.

The spirit quest gives each camper a chance to reflect on some personal truth. Becca forlornly remembers her close friendship with Chloe last summer. The two barely speak now, but last summer, they shared their tent as best friends. Trent and Alistair find some common ground, namely Chloe, when Trent is fooled by Alistair’s fake magic mushroom. Alistair reveals that he likes being an individual, despite gender expectations and Trent resists being labeled merely a jock.

Will and Amber get lost in the woods and end up separating. Being confronted with dumpster donuts on an empty stomach, Will finds the strength to resist the food. George, with the help of a spirit animal, finds Amber in the woods. The two share a passionate kiss, but do not talk about it once they get back to camp. The return of the missing campers restores Poppy’s faith in George’s leadership.

Meanwhile, Wayne returns to finish the fence, but is a little less friendly this time. Rand tries to make nice, but he remains unreceptive. Chef Joe explains her apprehension is merely a result of his abandoning her at a young age, and Wayne and Rand end up sharing a friendly date, chatting in the bed of his truck.

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