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Allison Russo, a district attorney, meets with Frank Murphy, the Westline gang’s chief enforcer.  He is there to turn over evidence for his client. During the exchange, masked men show up and begin shooting at them and Murphy is shot.

Allison Russo hires Chance not just to protect her, but to root the bad guys out.

The confidential informant is Whitey Doyle.; who led the Westline gang for 20 years. Chance wonders why Whitey has turned to Allison, since there are many other lawyers in her office. 

Chance arranges a second mock meeting with Whitey Doyle, to lure in the assassins.   Chance goes under cover as Mark Nelson, an attorney for Whitey Doyle. 

Chance gets a call from Winston, informing him that Allison got a 50K bonus during her fist racketeering case.  Does Allison have dirt in her past?

Chance determines Inspector Gibson and his assistant were the two masked men trying to kill Allison and Frank Murphy.  Gibson lets unknown information slip, knowing the meeting took place on a bridge.  From the back, Chance somehow throws both men out of the moving car.

Gibson doesn’t want Allison to get a hold of Whitey’s ledger, naming the many crooked cops that have been in bed with the mob.

Chance then finds a tracking device in the trunk of their car.  Allison takes off her clothes to see if the tracker is on her. Chance makes a stop to pick up Guerrero.  Guerrero begins searching Allison for the tracking device, which turns out to have been ingested by her. 

Winston meets with a man named Al, to see how deep the whole mess is within the police force.  Al gives Winston a name... West Gibson.  Al tells Winston that Allison was on Gibson’s payroll as well. 

Chance confronts Allison and finds out Whitey is Allison's father. 

Winston calls his friend Al to tell him Allison is Whitey's daughter.  He sets up a meeting with Pamela Herd, an honest judge. 

At St. Paul’s hospital, they locate Frank Murphy. Over the phone, Allison asks her father to messenger the ledger to the courthouse. 

Al meets Gibson in the hospital room.  He warns him that the ledged is about to be handed over to the judge and is shot and killed.

Winston calls Chance to tell him Al is dead. He went to the hospital to meet Chance and Gibson got to him first. They have pinned the murder on Allison and have the courthouse surrounded.

Allison and Chance sneak into the courthouse.  Allison meets with Judge Herd.  Chance leads Gibson to a storage room with a device to misdirect the tracking device’s signal.  They fight and Gibson somehow manages to escape. 

Whitey is waiting in Judge’s office with the ledger.  Whitey is helping Allison because she is his little girl, and she is in danger.
Allison meets with Winston to settle what she owes for Chance’s services.  He informs her that it has already been taken care of by her father.

Chance doesn't like loose ends and kills Gibson.

Human Target
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Human Target Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Alison: What's the plan? Please tell me it doesn't involve driving the ambulance right through the front of the building.
Chance: Ever try that? Trust me; it's not something you want to do twice.

Allison: Can you explain something to me about you associate. He's not a lawyer, he's not a doctor, and he's certainly not a cop. What the hell is he?
Winston: ...