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Dr. Jessica Shaw is stopped by the local Alaskan police, while trying to leave Tanarak Island in Alaska.  The deceased body of a Hank Benson is in the back of her car.  She tries to getaway from some men working for Agrius, and her car goes over a cliff.

Christopher Chance is hired by Dr. Shaw's mom to find her.  

Chance goes under cover as Paul Widroff, with the bureau of land and mine management.  He gains access to a heavily guarded Tanarak island.  

Chance knocks out an Agrius guard and locates Dr. Shaw.  Chance learns they are after her because of Hank Benson, a mine Forman that came to her before his death.  She scheduled his autopsy and Agrius Industry has been trying to prevent it.  

The Agrius men find Dr. Shaw and Chance.  They have a shootout which forces them to jump off a waterfall. To fight off hypothermia, Chance and Saw are forced to cuddle to conserve body heat.  

Guerrero is after the evidence he needs to prove Agrius’ responsibility for Benson’s death, and gets the name of a Jon Taggart.  

Five years ago, a chemical was created, Propolite, used as a toxic industrial solvent in mining.  Shaw and Chance decide to get the proof needed to incriminate and bring down Agrius.  This is the only way to protect Dr. Shaw.

Chance and Shaw search a mine shaft for the Propolite sample.  Just as they are exiting the mine, the bad guys blast it, trapping them.   

Chance is able to detonate a secondary explosion and they escape the mine.  They steal a dump truck, get into a shooting match, and end up blowing up the entire vehicle.  The two escape with their lives.

Winston meets with Jason Banicus, CEO of Agrius Industries, with a toxicology report.  Benson knew about the toxicity of Propolite, and tried to hide it.  Winston bribes him to stay away from Jessica Shaw and also has him write a check to cover up the attempted murder of Shaw.  

Dr. Shaw goes to thank Chance and say goodbye, and he gives her the check for over 300K.

Human Target
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Human Target Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Chance: Hey, you want to take Carmine for a walk?
Winston: No.
Chance: Neither do I, so this is how he gets his exercise.

Shaw: What's this for?
Chance: Travel money, so you can keep pushing your boulder uphill.