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Chance asks Tony Belvilacqua, a man that loathes him, for 1.8 million dollar loan.  He promises Belvilacqua to stick it to a man he hates more, Hugh Prentiss.

Eddie Dunn has hired Chance to help him get out of Prentiss’ grasp.  Dunn apparently owes Prentiss a lot of money.  Chance has a plan to protect Dunn by getting Prentiss to bet all he has on a prizefight that Chance will win.

The organizer of the tournament has a soft spot for unknown guys that come out of nowhere.  So, Chance gets into the tournament prizefight by picking a fight with Kendrick Tailor, a former champion, and winning.  He goes under cover as Grant Johnson.

Eva Kahn, a woman under the control of Prentiss, somehow knows that Chance has been hanging out with Eddie Dunn.  Eva has been taken in by Hugh as a child, and feels obligated to work for him knowing he is corrupt.

Chance tries to convince Eva to help get Eddie freed from Prentiss’ control.  Eva then goes and tells Prentiss about how Chance is trying to help Eddie.

Guerrero supplies Chance and Winston ways to beat his opponents, starting with Emil Loden’s weaknesses.  Chance is able to win all the fights, leading up to his last fight with Diego Cruz.

Prentiss goes and buys off the 1.8 million dollar debt Chance has with Tony Belvilacqua.  Tony then tells Prentiss Chance’s real name.

Winston tries to convince Chance to back out of the last fight.  Chance admits to wanting to not only help Eddie Dunn, but Eva as well.  

Prentiss agrees to let Chance fight Diego Cruz; if he wins Eddie is free.  If Chance loses; Prentiss gets 1.8 million and Eddie.  

Prentiss attempts to fix the brawl, by giving the referee some sort of injection to administer to Chance. Prentiss then asks Eva to place a bet, since the fight is fixed.  

After thinking about the pep talk he received from Winston, Chance is able beat Diego.  The referee does not drug Chance, because they are old friends.

Sometime before the fight, Chance delivered a headset to Eva.  This allowed Eva to hear Prentiss admitting to killing her father.  She then, bets everything Prentiss has against Chance.  Chance of course wins, and Prentiss loses everything he has!

Prentiss is now in the debt of Tony Belvilacqua, and Eddie Dunn is a free man.

Human Target
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Human Target Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Chance: Fan of the fights?
Eva: Just here for the party.

Winston: I come with you on these things because, you know...
Guerrero: For God's sake, get a room already.
Winston: Shut up.