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Christopher Chance is hired to protect Victoria, the Princess of Whales.  Gerard, her guard, got wind of an assassination plot and Chance was called in. 

Victoria has fallen in love with someone that isn't her husband, and because of this the Prince wants to have her murdered during her visit to New York.

Victoria's motorcade and crooked security detail decide to move up the timetable, hence her death.  Chance decides it is time for her to make an escape, and Gerard is shot.  Princess Victoria narrowly escapes with Chance.

In the three years that she has been with her husband, Prince Walter, she never experienced one moment of happiness until Tony.  

Guerrero and Winston go to pick up Tony Sorento, Victoria’s love.  After a shootout with some crooked guards, they discover that the plan was to use Tony as a patsy and have him take the blame for the princess’s death.  The three head for the queen.

Connor Donnon, the sworn enemy of the crown, has evidence of Victoria’s assassination attempt.  Undercover, Chance and Victoria go to a local bar looking for Conner.  The assassins arrive at the bar and after the shootout, the evidence is inadvertently destroyed.

Chance and Victoria head to her mother, the Queen, for help.  

After entering a building, Chance and Victoria are surrounded by the men that want to kill her.  They get into a fighting match, and come out victorious!

They get to Victoria's mother just in time, and Victoria tells her about the assassination plot brought on by her husband Prince Walter.

The Queen thanks Chance for saving her daughter.

Chance goes to visit Katherine Walters’ gravesite, the woman who changed his life and stole his heart.

Human Target
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Human Target Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Feeling better about those fencing lessons?


A stripper in a tiara does not constitute royalty.