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Chance’s old boss takes Winston to a bank vault to recover his book.  Winston has a bomb strapped to his chest but Chance is able to disarm it and stop his old boss.  Chance then disappears.

Back at their home base, men show up wanting to hire Chance.  Winston informs them that Chance is gone forever.  

Six months later in Nepal, Chance is meditating at an ashram.  Ilsa Pucci arrives and wants to hire Chance to figure out who killed her husband, Marshall Pucci, a software billionaire.

Chance and Winston team back up to help Ilsa Pucci because someone it trying to kill her.  Chance decides to expose her at an annual charity event to see what threats come their way.  Guerrero is also called in to help.

At the event, a young woman is able to get past security and swap out Ilsa’s ring.  Chance immediately has suspicions and has Winston and Guerrero apprehend her.  The ring is swapped out to act as a tracking device to keep Ilsa safe in the line of fire.  Whoever is after Ilsa wants her alive.

Even with his suspicions and warnings Chance isn't able to stop Ilsa from being abducted by Sheldon.

The team identifies the young woman as Ames, a thief that previously knows Winston.  Ames claims she didn't know anything about the kidnapping.  Fat Tony hired her two days before and now he's dead.  

Sheldon take Ilsa to Geneva, because he wants something out of her personal vault.  

Chance lets Ames join them, because she now fears the men will come after her.

In the vault, Sheldon gets a hold of Marshall’s briefcase with all his personal items; his deeds, bank accounts, etc.  He wants to become Marshall to have access to his unlimited power and wealth.

Chance and his team make it to the bank and save Ilsa.  She wonders why Chance risks his life to save others.  Ilsa wants Chance to work for her, to help others around the world.  She wants to become his silent benefactor.

Human Target
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Human Target Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Ilsa: There are a lot of smarter ways to earn a dollar.
Chance: I'm not very bright.
Ilsa: You are brave. You must have a lot to be redeemed for.
Chance: I do.

No more hiding, I'm not going anywhere.