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Dr. Morrow visits her daughter Ginny in the hospital. The girl has been in an irreversible coma for years, and her ex-husband wants them to pull the plug. 

Mattie has trouble fixing Odi, so she decides to upload the code into him so he can become self aware. It works.

Niska begins the testing to see if she can be deemed to have human like qualities.

Mia tells Max that she cares about Ed. Leo tells the group that the prisoner has escaped, not aware that Hester killed him.

Leo tells the group they have to flee, but Mia refuses, citing her feelings for Ed.

Joe goes back to his old company, now as a worker instead of a supervisor.

Niska is shown a series of images meant to provoke an emotional response, but she does not react.

Toby tries to talk to "synthie" Renie at school, but she rebuffs him.

Karen returns to the police station for work.

Mia tells Ed the truth about her self awareness, and her feelings for him.

Ed tells Mia that he's lonely, and they kiss.

Dr. Morrow meets with Professor Hobb in England and talks to him about his work with self awareness in synths.

He tells her he is under surveillance and is not allowed to talk about synths.

Morrow blackmails Hobb into cooperating. 

Laura gets Niska to tell the story about the murder to elicit a response.

Laura goes through Niska's things and finds Astrid's phone number.

Joe tells Laura that Sophie is starting to mimic synth behavior

It is revealed that Dr. Morrow's AI entity "V" is probably the consciousness of her daughter Ginny.







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Humans Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Leo: Who? The man you work for, at the cafe? Mia, he won't accept you, none of them can.
Mia: I have to try. I want to.

Show them how you feel-that you CAN feel. Everything depends on that.

Laura [to Niska]