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Mattie refuses to give Leo the code.

Mattie tells her parents about the plan to break into the Silo.

Odi tells Mattie he can't function with the self awareness, and resets himself to his damaged status without the self awareness update.

Karen confronts Dr. Morrow about the Seraph program.

Karen reveals to Morrow that she is one of the synth prototypes built by Elster.

Mia and Hester allow themselves to be captured in order to infiltrate the Silo.

Renie talks to Sophie in an attempt to break her out of her synthie behavior, but it backfires and Renie runs away.

Toby fears Renie is going to hurt herself, and he goes to her house with Joe. 

However, Renie realizes the futility of trying to act like an synth and goes back to her normal personality.

Pete comes home to find  Karen gone.

Mia and Hester find the self aware synths and activate them.

Leo leads the synths outside, but an invisible security barrier kills the synths as they cross it.

Karen is trapped in the lab with Morrow as the facility is in lockdown.

Pete, now in the silo, confronts Hester, who is threatening to kill a doctor unless Morrow talks.

Hester tells Pete she intends to kill Morrow.

Hester kills the doctor and Pete.

Mia disables the security perimeter and rescues the few self aware synths not killed.

Joe tells Laura he wants to move the family to a synth free community.

Laura tells Joe she refuses to move. Joe is not happy.

Hester visits Laura at her home, not telling her her true identity.

Morrow tells "V" that she can't put her consciousness into a body after all.

"V" tells her she is no longer Ginny: she has evolved.

Morrow allows "V" to escape the Qualia servers and release her consciousness out into the world.

Hester takes Laura hostage, and demands to see Leo.

Leo comes to the house and attempts to talk Hester out of her murderous agenda.

Hester blames Leo for the deaths of the synths at the Silo.

Leo tells Hester he failed her.

Hester stabs Leo in the neck, attempting to kill the synth part of his body.

Mia comes in, and activates the kill switch to stop Hester, but it also kills Mia.

Mattie sends the self awareness code worldwide in an effort to save Mia. The code saves her, but also wakes up all synths around the world at once.

Hester wakes up, but for some reason dies, while Mia survives.

Sam attempts to drive a car into the water to kill himself and Karen, but the code upload prevents this as they awaken.

Synths all over the world wake up simultaneously. 






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Humans Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Odi: I don't know how to live with myself. I don't know how to help others as I am now. I long for the past. I felt nothing then, but I had a purpose, a place in the world. Thank you for a glimpse into another life: it is a great gift, but I cannot accept it. Goodbye.

It's time for them to fear us.