Leo Stakes Out the Silo - Humans
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Episode begins with a Qualia commercial for child synths for sale.

Morrow confronts Milo about his synth children plan. 

Milo threatens Morrow, using Ginny as leverage.

Anita finds her way back to Laura's house. Laura is shocked to find Mia's personality gone.

Mattie finds Leo.

Niska is on the run, and the other synths she encounters report her to the authorities.

Odi goes to a priest for guidance.

Karen plans to take over the identity of a dead woman for the purpose of running away from Pete and starting a new life, but Pete tells her about the child synth and she comes back to help him.

Odi attempts to help people, but it doesn't go well.

Karen meets the Seraph, and is immediately smitten. She electronically bonds with him, and names him Sam. He is the child she craves.

Joe and Laura attempt a reboot to bring Mia back, but it fails.

Hester touches an electrified door and has seizures. Mattie reboots her and saves her.

Karen and Pete interrogate Dr. Morrow about the Seraphs, but she doesn't cooperate.

Joe calls Mattie, asking her to help bring Mia back. She sends them a software patch to do just that.

Hester threatens Mattie if she tries to stop their mission.

Mattie's patch works, and Mia is back.

Mia leaves the Hawkins, telling them she needs to be with her own kind.

Sophie continues her synthie behavior, and it causes a huge argument.

Joe breaks the tension by starting a food fight. The family is happy, if only for a few moments.

Odi, who is very despondent, cleans up the mess from the food fight. Sophie helps him.

Toby asks Renie to talk to Sophie about her synthie behavior.

Niska finds Astrid. 

Dr. Morrow finds a synth at the silo who can help her locate Leo.

Mia joins Leo's group and offers to help them break into the silo.

Mia tells Leo that Mattie has completed the code to wake up all synths.







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Humans Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Laura: Mia, are you OK?
Anita: My name is Anita. Would you like some coffee, Laura?
Laura: What happened to you? Mia, are you in there?
Anita: I'm sorry Laura, I don't understand the question.

Dr. Morrow: You didn't tell me when you hired me you wanted to create conscious children. That's the plan, right? What you're doing, and what I'm doing. They're not unconnected.
Milo: No, they're not unconnected.
Dr. Morrow: You didn't think I'd have ethical concerns? Synth children aren't the solution.