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In this week's episode of Hung, "Sing It Again Ray," Ray and Tanya help Damon fit in with some new friends, Ronnie and Jessica argue about babies, and just as the episode title explains, Ray sings it again...and again...and again.

The ep opens with Damon acting out a pitch and a hit on the baseball field, before unzipping his pants and urinating all over home plate.

Ray goes to talk to Lenore to tell her to stay away from Jessica, but instead Lenore tells Ray to stop trying to make his ex-wife a two-time divorcee.

Ronnie gets on Jessica about wanting to have babies again, and she declines once again.  The loving husband takes his anger out on a dinner plate after not being able to find his precious instant oatmeal.

Tanya brings Ray and Damon to the Slam Bam Poetry Jam so that Damon can be around some "fellow travelers."  The young man seems to hit it off with Tanya and the other amateur poets, which means a job well done by Ray on the parenting front.

This week's client for Ray was a birthday girl that wanted to be sang to.  What song?  Happy Birthday, of course.  So Ray sang while doing the deed, over and over again.

Lenore convinced Jessica that she is in a good situation with Ronnie, so Jess went to the high school and canceled all future bowling dates with Ray.

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Hung Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Tanya: I think I can see what he was going for. The plate of home, a place called home. He was releasing his anger in a non-violent way.
Ray: He was releasing alright...I don't know about anger.

It's the ass crack of dawn, I'm not a marine.