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On this week's installment, Ray tries to connect with his kids, Jessica struggles with her marriage and the Lenore vs. Tanya battle continues.  Sounds familiar.

The episode opens with Ray taking his two kids out for a run so they can stay healthy. After they explain to Ray that he wouldn't have been friends with them in high school, he decides to show off his 'friend' Tanya because she's 'interesting' like Darby and Damon.

Speaking of Ray's interesting friend.  Tanya goes through plenty of more trouble this week, as her new expensive sweater is switched for a fake by Lenore. To make matters worse she gets downshifted to zero hours per week at work after Horny Patty takes over as supervisor.

To figure out how to get even with Lenore, Tanya meets with Mike the Pimp at the doughnut shop.  He xplains to her that she needs to f*ck with Lenore using straight "mind bullets."  So when Lenore puts on the Lanvan sweater at the three-way meeting, Tanya f*cks with her by stealing Lenore's dog.

Meanwhile, Jessica plays some scrabble with Ronnie and another couple. She gets completely frustrated when she isn't as strong of a player as the other three doctors.  Jess's frustration elevates when Ronnie tells her that the other woman is so good at being married.

In the end, Ray meets up with Jessica at the bowling alley to console her.  When Lenore shows up to see Jess she introduces herself to Ray as if they were meeting for the first time, and all the cards are put on the table.

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Hung Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Damon: Pauly K calls me Gaymon.
Ray: What? Well that kid just got benched.

Darby: Do you ever wonder what kind of guy Dad would be like in high school? Paul Kosenevick.
Ray: What? Pauly K? I was never a shortstop.