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-Ronnie McIntyre, a conman can't seem to leave the life behind even once he's in the witness protection program. Mary and the FBI bust him for running another money scam.

-In order to stay in WITSEC Ronnie offers to help the Marshals take down Julian Conrad, a top gun runner. Mary and Marshall go undercover to meet Conrad but when Conrad threatens Ronnie, the FBI break in and arrest him.

-Much to Mary's dismay, per his deal, Ronnie gets his pick of WITSEC locations anyway.

-Mary agrees to a date with her ex-husband, Mark who she was married to for five days when they were seventeen. They have a one night stand. When wants more than one night Mary breaks it off.

-Marshall and Abigail realize they are both commitmentaholics and decide to take things slow. Then they decide maybe they can move forward a bit faster and Marshal decides to use the gun box Abigail bought for him at her place. 

In Plain Sight
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In Plain Sight Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Conmen. They don't just take your money. They rob you of your dignity. They leave you poor, wide eyed and stupid on the side of the road. And if you think there's a chance in hell this son of a bitch could up and whistle a different tune, I've got a seaside condo in Beirut I'd like to tell you about.


Marshall: Maintaining such a dim view of humanity, isn't it exhausting?
Mary: That's why they make energy drinks.