Marshall Makes a Toast
Watch In Plain Sight Season 5 Episode 8
"All's Well That Ends"
Original Air Date:

On the final episode of In Plain Sight, Mary has an unexpected family reunion and she and Marshall discuss their future. Changes take place around the WITSEC office.

Mary & James On The Run
Watch In Plain Sight Season 5 Episode 7
"Sacrificial Lam"
Original Air Date:

When the FBI accuses Mary of helping her father escape, she must lose her tail and find her father to clear her name.

Mary & Her Fugitive Father, James
Watch In Plain Sight Season 5 Episode 6
"The Medal of Mary"
Original Air Date:

Who can Mary trust when her father returns putting her entire family in danger on In Plain Sight.

Mary & Marshall Look After a Drag Queen
Watch In Plain Sight Season 5 Episode 5
"Drag Me to Hell"
Original Air Date:

Mary must prevent a drag queen from reverting back to his old ways while Marshall is brought into an undercover sting operation where we see a whole new side of him on In Plain Sight.

Mary on the Phone
Watch In Plain Sight Season 5 Episode 4
"The Merry Wives of WITSEC"
Original Air Date:

When a witness ends up having two wives, Mary and Marshall must deal with the consequences on In Plain Sight.

On a Indian Reservation
Watch In Plain Sight Season 5 Episode 3
"Reservations, I've Got a Few"
Original Air Date:

Mary and Marshall turn to a Native American detective for assistance when a witness under Marshall's protection escapes on In Plain Sight.

In Plain Sight Season 5 Scene
Watch In Plain Sight Season 5 Episode 2
"Four Marshals and a Baby"
Original Air Date:

Mary juggles WITSEC and childcare duties as the team handles a hoarder witness in the middle of a nervous breakdown on this week's In Plain Sight.

Mary and Baby
Watch In Plain Sight Season 5 Episode 1
"The Anti-Social Network"
Original Air Date:

After six months of maternity leave, Mary returns to work to protect a witness from a corporate giant while juggling mandatory therapy and being a single mom on the season premiere of In Plain Sight.

Brandi's Wedding Day
Watch In Plain Sight Season 4 Episode 13
"Something Borrowed, Something Blew Up"
Original Air Date:

Mary's work interferes with Brandi's wedding on the fourth season finale. The main character is also forced to look after her least favorite witnesses.

Mark Stuber Photo
Watch In Plain Sight Season 4 Episode 12
"A Womb With A View"
Original Air Date:

Mary protects a courtesan from a gangster and a crash course in childbirth. Is she ready for it?

In Plain Sight Quotes

One of the most difficult moments in anyone's life is when the fog of childhood lifts and we see for the first time our parents as people.


Marshall: You are in a different kind of mood this morning.
Mary: Actually, I'm in a really good mood. Which is kind of weird considering where I was 48 hours ago. Then I had a witness off herself and, like that is not bad enough, I've got to play second fiddle to a knucklehead like you.
Marshall: Thanks for lumping me in with kidnapping, attempted rape and suicide. Can't tell you how much that means.