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"God, you're so hot. Do you know how hot you are?" "" A+ first line, y'all. 

Murphy kicking random dude out of her house with zero shame; I like this girl already.

Always here for the 'grumpy lead character doesn't think they need to feel emotions toward an animal' trope. Hoping that's what's happening here.

So, Murphy is a serial line-cutting quasi-con artist. She also buys the morning after pill...a lot. 

I'm with Maria on this one: Why can't you just buy condoms, Murph?

Tyson coming in hot with the psychoanalysis. He clearly knows her better than she thinks he does.

He also seems to love her. Not in a weird way. 

Murphy--be nice to that dog. I will not stand for this.

Murphy is refusing to touch faces and not casually. There's some baggage here we need to unpack.

The dog's name is Pretzel. Kill me. 

Oh, and now there's a body.

And it's Tyson's body. This is awful. 

Blind people don't necessarily all have heightened senses, you dorks.

And then we find out why there's love between Tyson and Murphy. He saved her from being beaten to death in a mugging a few years back. No wonder she's devastated. 

Except...they didn't find the body. So, is he really dead? 

Murphy sleeping and eating candy bars constantly at work is a mood.

A show with a female lead wouldn't be complete without a creepy married guy staring at her butt, right?

At least they're donating money to her parents' business (they train guide dogs, by the way. Adorable.).

Married guy is back and gross as ever.

Murphy has no shame. At least they're sticking with that and really driving it home.

Yes, Murphy. The table is glass and everyone can see you. Get it together.

Now she's stranded without a cane in the middle of New York. And her phone is dead. This should end well.

Of course, Felix has to be the one to pick her up. And his date is terrible (how does someone "look" blind?). 

Darnell is a bit scary with this threats toward Murphy, but I take it that Murphy doesn't really scare easy. 

$10,000 is long gone now that you just had to have almost-sex with that married guy, Murph. Good on ya. 

Murphy and Darnell meet at a diner to talk about Tyson. Darnell is adamant that he's fine; he's in Madison with a girl and can't pick up the phone. I smell BS.

And the married guy is back! Why? 

Murphy goes home and we get to see that her relationship with her dad, despite everything, seems strong.  

Her dad seems like an amazing father. He doesn't get up to pee for two hours because Murphy's asleep on his shoulder. 

We find out that Murphy lost her sight completely at fourteen. Was this before or after she was adopted? Was this why she was given up. I need answers. 

Stubborn as all hell, Murphy doesn't stop or take Darnell's word at face value and continues to try to find a way to figure out where Tyson is.

Cue her trying to "charm" a cellphone store guy into tracking his number.

...Murphy's idea of charm is pretty amazing.

Sure enough, the phone isn't in Madison, but is instead under some underpass and Tyson is not with it. 

She calls out Darnell, who seems like he's surprised--until we see the weird look he gives her when he leaves the diner. 

Murphy finally lets Pretzel love on her! Trope executed. Pupper loved. Happy me. 

Jess is a great roommate and friend for encouraging Murphy to figure out what really happened to Tyson. 

Aaaaaand someone is spying on them. Great. 

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In The Dark Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

It's the only time you don't have to feel blind, because we all do it with our eyes closed anyways.


Tinder date: God, you're so hot. Do you know how hot you are? Murphy: No.