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  • Josiah took Jessica and wants Darnell to find Murphy or else he'll kill Jess because he's missing 300,000 dollars because they left the stash. 
  • Michael calls Darnell to tell him about Murphy. 
  • Darnell calls Michael back, and he goes to pick up Murphy but Josiah sends Trey with him.
  • They have to find Felix to get him to hack into Nia's accounts to get the cash to Josiah. 
  • Darnell, Trey, and Murphy pick up Murphy's phone from Michael. They finally get in contact with Felix. 
  • They plan to go to a library to get the Guiding Hope money to pay off Josiah. 
  • Gene and Josh arrive in Canada with their tip and talk to the guy who missed that Murphy was blind. 
  • Felix, Darnell, and Trey look into Nia's accounts to find the money, but it's in overdraft. Nia was broke.
  • Trey is annoyed and wants to get away from Darnell because of how his life is on the line.
  • Murphy has another vision of Jessica. 
  • Trey tells Murphy he's leaving, but she tells him that they can't bail. She tells him about Felix's money in the safe, and they take it out and go gambling in hopes of winning.
  • So far, Trey and Murphy are on a roll with their gambling, but then Trey loses. 
  • Josh and Gene interview the motel lady.
  • Murphy mentions something about robbing the casino. Trey spots a mark and Murphy seduces the guy. Trey comes in to steal the money out of the guy's safe. But the guy notices and attacks Murphy. Trey knocks him out. 
  • Felix gets enraged when he witnesses the lady at the library being discriminatory and acts out. It leads to him and Darnell getting arrested. 
  • The cops arrest Darnell for aiding and abetting a fugitive because of Felix being on the run. Trey shows up and bribes the cops.
  • The cop takes the whole bag of money. 
  • Murphy calls Josh and tells him she'll turn herself in if he helps her get Jess back.
In The Dark
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In The Dark Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

It never occurred to you that the blind girl wanted for murder might be pretending not to be blind?


Trey: I'm not getting caught up in the pleasantries, Shorty.
Murphy: Shorty? I'm very tall.