Breaking Policy - Incorporated
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Ben wants Hendrick to erase the Aaron personality from his mind temporarily.

Hendrick reluctantly agrees.

Ben wakes up at home and finds Laura asleep.

Gates tells Julian to bypass Elizabeth and reports the intel about Roger's murder directly to him.

Ben buys a ring for Laura as a gift.

Theo has side effects from the rage drug he was given at the fight.

Laura offers Rachel a job at the new Red Zone clinic.

Ben is having headaches after the partial mind wipe.

Julian hooks up Ben to the Everclear device and interrogates him.

The mind wipe appears to have worked.

Laura attempts to reset the bionic heart of a Red Zone patient.

Ben meets Hendrick, but does not recognize him. Hendrick considers not bring the Aaron personality back.

Julian doesn't believe the test results.

Julian talks with his wife about his job. 

Laura saves the patient.

Julian brings in Ben to help solve the Roger murder.

With Ben's help, they find the place where Ben murdered Roger.

The makers of the bionic heart arrive at the clinic to take it back, but Goran makes a deal to stop it.

Hendrick plots an escape from the Ben situation with his daughter. Ben sends threatening messages to Hendrick, demanding that he bring the  Aaron personality back or be outed to Spiga.

Julian and Goran meet, and it appears they knew each other from the military.

Julian tells Goran he's the only one he trusts.

Laura tells Ben that she wants to quit her job and do the Red Zone clinic full time.

Theo fights with the rage drug in his system and kills his opponent.

Julian tells Elizabeth that Ben passed the Everclear test, and also that Gates is coming for her.

Ben does a 3D recreation of the Roger murder and sees himself as the murderer.




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Incorporated Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Ben: I'm just temporarily disconnecting some circuits.
Hendrick: Aaron isn't a circuit-it's who you are.
Ben: But he's not who I need to be right now.

The lie becomes the truth, or at least that's the idea.