Julian and Wife - Incorporated Season 1 Episode 7
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Scavengers stop Roger's car in the Missouri desert.

Ben uses the Everclear device to show his memories of killing Roger.

Next comes a film about how the US ratifies the 29th amendment to the constitution, giving corporations freedom to make their own laws and bypass the federal government.

Laura helps an injured girl in the Red Zone. 

Elizabeth wants Ben to use the Everclear device to learn the location of an Inazagi scientist.

Julian kidnaps Phillip Brill, the man who knows the location of the Inazagi scientist.

Ben uses Everclear on Brill, but the device doesn't seem to work correctly.

Ben fixes the device, and tries to make a deal with Brill so that he can escape with Elena. 

Ben uncovers a memory of Brill killing his genetically inferior baby. Ben attempts to selectively wipe the memory away. He succeeds.

Julian finds out about the Elena/Roger meeting.

Red Zone boss Goran wants Laura to open a clinic in his territory.

Julian interrogates Elena about Roger.

Roger breaks into the interrogation and his eyes lock with Elena.

Elizabeth authorizes Ben to attempt to selectively erase Brill's memory.

Elena lies to Julian about knowing Ben.

Theo defeats a genetically engineered fighter.

Julian tells Elizabeth about Roger, and asks to use Everclear on the entire department to find Roger's killer.





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Incorporated Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Today marks the anniversary of the ratification of the 29th amendment, granting corporations the sovereignty we needed and deserved. An act which freed us from the incompetence, regulations and tyranny of the federal government. We make our own laws, we supply the security. We do the things which government is no longer able to do. God bless America, and God bless Spiga.


Laura: You want me to open a clinic?
Goran: I want you to open MY clinic.