Ben: Is there a problem?
Julian: We're about to find out.

Gates: Have a gut feeling about who did this?
Julian: I have someone in mind.

The lie becomes the truth, or at least that's the idea.


Ben: I'm just temporarily disconnecting some circuits.
Hendrick: Aaron isn't a circuit-it's who you are.
Ben: But he's not who I need to be right now.

Julian: First one of our execs-Peterson, gets caught stealing files. Except he doesn't fit the profile, so we instituted his non disclosure agreement. Then a job opens up on the 40th. Now this 'defection'. He's one of our top candidates for the promotion, and he throws it all away. Only one person benefits from all of this.
Julian's wife: So who is this mastermind?
Julian:Elizabeth's son-in-law. I've got no proof-no hard evidence-just my gut.
Julian's wife: Oh, Julian.
Julian: I know.

Elena: Roger Kaplan? I remember him.
Julian: How well?
Elena: Enough to know I didn't like him.
Julian: He knew you well enough. Roger Kaplan thought you had information about someone who was in his way. Who was he asking about?

Laura: You want me to open a clinic?
Goran: I want you to open MY clinic.

Today marks the anniversary of the ratification of the 29th amendment, granting corporations the sovereignty we needed and deserved. An act which freed us from the incompetence, regulations and tyranny of the federal government. We make our own laws, we supply the security. We do the things which government is no longer able to do. God bless America, and God bless Spiga.


Ben: Are you OK?
Laura: Yes, I am, Ben.

Laura: You are such a liar, even the kidnappers seemed to know how Spiga deals with abductions. If the company saved people, then you would never have to send him to save me? Did you really think that I'd never find out?
Elizabeth; You were only a child.
Laura: You owe me the truth!
Elizabeth: I risked everything for you. Not just my career, but my life. And I did it to save you.
Laura: Which proves you could have saved Dad if you wanted to.

You're safe-no one's going to hurt you. I'm Julian. You're mother sent me to bring you home. We have to move quickly-let's go.


Chief Conner: You're one of the best interrogators I've ever seen, but there's no quiet room in Sioux Falls is there? It would be a waste of your talents, don't you think?
Julian: I have other talents.
Chief Conner: What we do in this room, Julian is bloody, thankless, but we do it for the good of the company.
Julian: All due respect sir, but I think I've done enough.

Incorporated Quotes

Laura: Mom. I am not a child: I am an adult!
Elizabeth: The last time you were an independent adult I received a piece of my daughter in the mail.

Laura: You're always so...sunny.
Ben: And that's bad?
Laura: No - I just wish it were that easy for me.
Ben: Trust me, it's harder than it seems.