Issa Smiles - Insecure
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Issa is constantly rejected from LA housing applications because of her low credit score, so she goes to her friend, Kelli (a banker), for advice. Kelli recommends that she continue to stay with Daniel because he’s not making her pay rent. Daniel says that she needs to leave in a week.

At We Got Y’all, Joanne wanted to redesign the logo because of criticisms from the school, but she’s also defensive of it. A coworker suggests that she listen to Issa, but she keeps her head down. Later, Issa goes to Joanne and asks that We Got Y’all make some systemic changes in its hiring. Joanne says she’ll consider it.

Meanwhile, Daniel is having issues meeting with a flaky new artist, Spyder. Issa wants to find someway to pay Daniel back, so she cleans his apartment and then convinces him to go to the club to meet Spyder. Issa meets an old friend from high school, Khalil, helping them both get into the club. Daniel knows him as well, but he’s salty that Khalil is doing better than him.

At the club, Issa convinces Daniel to talk to Spyder, but he’s hesitant and not particularly willing to talk to Khalil, who has made it much farther in the music business than he has. Spyder is rather lukewarm, but suddenly, there’s a fight in the club and gunshots are heard. Daniel shields Issa as everybody runs out.

Later at a diner, Daniel and Issa talk over food. Daniel admits that he likes having Issa around and says that contrary to his prior statement, Issa is welcome to stay as long as she wants. They go back to Daniel’s apartment, and he finally listens to Issa, calling Khalil and asking for a collaboration rather than remain envious.

Daniel offers his bed to Issa because the couch has been hurting her back. She gratefully accepts, and Daniel gives her a back massage. He goes to work on his music, but instead of sleeping, Issa joins him.

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Insecure Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

I’ve always thought that it's a little insulting that we're servicing black and brown kids and our name is We Got Y’all. That's grammatically incorrect. How about “Let us help you in your community in really positive ways, and go for happiness!"


Oh, so now y’all wanna be woke when a bitch been an alarm clock since Day 1? Well, beep beep, motherfuckers! BEEEEEP! BEEEEEP!