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Issa continues sleeping in Daniel’s bed and fantasizing about him, but neither makes a move. Issa and Frieda work at a job fair together trying to recruit for We Got Y’all after losing schools and business.

Issa sees that Frieda is so passionate about education and her work,, but she isn’t. Issa walks around and sees a music education nonprofit and gets interested, but says that she isn’t looking for a job.

Molly starts her new job, but she quickly discovers that it doesn’t have as many perks. She continues to bring up comparisons between her new and old job, making the rest of the employees laugh at her.

Daniel tries to make an instrumental track for Spyder that is a little bit different than what he normally does, but Khalil screws with it and adds drums and other beats. Daniel isn’t happy but plays along.

Issa gets the property manager job and considers whether she wants to move into the half-price apartment. She also reevaluates her plan at We Got Y’all after an interviewee asks how she likes her job.

Daniel shows Spyder the track and Khalil’s adjusted track, but he can’t choose between the two. This angers Khalil but Daniel doesn’t want to get rid of his pride.

Issa thanks Daniel by taking him out to dinner. She tells him that she has decided to move out of the apartment after an outing with Molly, Kelli, and Tiffany ends up forcing her away from a romantic life with Daniel — they think it’s not a good idea.

After dinner, Issa and Daniel start making out like in her fantasy, but she pushes him away as they start having sex. Neither looks particularly pleased.

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Insecure Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

It’s not like we fucking! Not even a little bit. I mean, has the thought crossed my mind? Yeah. Do I think about it a lot? Duh. Am I thinking about it right now? No. …Yeah.


Issa: Bitch, you got a blueberry facial for your dog?
Molly: Mmhm. And a paw massage.
Issa: Well do they take walk-ins? Cause Flava-Flav is gonna look better than me.