Drama Free Birthday - Insecure
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Issa tries to get vendors and musicians for her block party, but things aren't working out. She's frustrated and ready to give up. Meanwhile, Molly is getting some angry stares at work for being aggressive in her work, but she's happy about getting ahead and getting the co-lead on a case.

Lawrence meets with his father and tries to work out some of his feelings. His new church and the woman he's been seeing at the church aren't really working out.

Molly takes Issa on a birthday outing to see a film in a park. They run into Molly's ex, Jared, who Molly thinks is gay. However, he's there with his new girlfriend. Issa also runs into Lawrence, and they hit it off in a friendly manner.

Issa sets up a coffee meeting with Condola, the movie night organizer who she met at Tiffany's baby shower. They hit it off and discuss new ideas for Issa's block party. Condola leaves to go on a doubt, which Issa endorses.

However, it's revealed that Condola is actually going on a date with Lawrence, and they seem very close.

Back at her apartment, she finds flowers from Nathan. She agrees to meet with him, and he claims that he went back to Houston to deal with some emotions but he's back for good now. Later, Issa happily settles into her new home, not having accepted Nathan back. She sits down on her couch, seemingly content.

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Insecure Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Issa: You’re taking me to real-ass Mexico for real-ass Mexican food?
Molly: No girl, I’m not your man.
Issa: That’s just what a shady bitch would say.

You trying to Annalise Keaton your coworkers seems stressful as fuck, but good for you, girl!