The Business Plan - Insecure
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Issa is waiting for a call or text from Nathan, but nothing comes. At the same time, Molly doubts herself and doesn't go out wth Andrew. She finally does and has a good time.

Issa keeps waking up and having dreams about her teeth falling out. She continues to hope that Nathan will call her and keeps her phone close to her. Molly decides to self-sabotage by saying that she needs to work.

Lawrence decides that he wants to go to church to reform, but the only person who gets something out of it is Chad. Lawrence feels uncomfortable and doesn't know what to think about it.

Issa convinces Molly to go to Andrew's house to see if Nathan is there. Nathan isn't there, but instead, Issa snoops around his stuff and tries to hack into his computer.

Taurean is unable to make the law presentation so Molly gives it herself and nails it. However, ths spells trouble for her and her partnership with Taurean later.

Issa attends an entrepreneurial workshop for her blcok party and runs into Lawrence there. They chat cordially and get along quite well, sharing thoughts, hopes, and dreams.


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Insecure Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Issa: I hope we didn't wake you guys up!
Andrew: At 6 pm?

Or what about when you told Nathan all those weird facts about camels? Damn, I forgot about that.